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Workflow Activities
Last updated Apr 29, 2024

Sequence / Group


Groups logically related activities and executes them in the order in which they are added. You can use this activity to optimize space use and navigation in the Designer panel. For example, you can save space by adding multiple consecutive activities inside this activity, and then collapsing it after they are configured. Additionally, if you want to move multiple activities, you can move the entire Sequence/Group activity instead of moving each individual activity added inside of it.

Note: In the Studio profile, this activity is named Sequence, while in the StudioX profile, this activity is named Group.

Project compatibility

Windows | Windows - Legacy | Cross-Platform


Advanced Options

  • DisplayName - The name displayed for the activity in the Designer panel.
  • Private - If selected, the data used in the activity is not logged.

This activity is built by Microsoft. For more information, see their official documentation.

  • Project compatibility
  • Configuration
  • Advanced Options

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