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Last updated Jul 19, 2024

Using Dev Tools with forms

You can experiment with your forms look or layout using Dev Tools. Whenever you run a form, if you right-click it, and then select Inspect, Dev Tools opens. This tutorial shows how to experiment with CSS styles in Dev Tools. This example shows how to change the color of all Text Field titles inside a Data Grid.
Note: The changes that you apply in Dev Tools are temporary. If you want to permanently apply them to the form, you have to input your custom CSS code inside the Custom CSS property field of the form, and then apply it for each component that you want to style, using the Custom CSS Class property of a component.
  1. Run a form that has a Data Grid with Text Field components inside of it.
  2. Right-click inside the form, and then select Inspect.
  3. To focus on the exact element that you want to apply CSS styles to, select docs image, or press Ctrl + Shift + C. Now you can select the title of the Text Field component.
  4. In the Styles section of Dev Tools, you can see various CSS classes. For this example, find the .table class and change the color property to violet.

  5. Now let's permanently apply this color to the Data Grid. In the Properties panel of the form, input the following CSS class inside the Custom CSS field:
    .color-change {
        color: violet
        }.color-change {
        color: violet
  6. Edit a Text Field inside your form, and go to the Display tab.
  7. In the Custom CSS Class input the custom CSS class you added at step five.

    Save the component and check out the results.

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