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The Analyze activity uses a Workflow Analyzer policy to check your code against a set of rules.

This activity is used to confirm that the project about to be managed by the pipeline is correct. After the code is validated against the Workflow Analyzer rules in the policy, a summary is logged. If any errors appear, the activity throws an exception.

Note: If the project was developed using Studio and the policy is set for StudioX, or vice-versa, an error is shown.

Project compatibility

Windows | Cross-platform


There is a compatibility requirement between the automation projects you intend to build and the machine that runs the pipeline process.

The correct mapping is:

  • Windows-Legacy project → Build OS: Windows only
  • Windows project→ Build OS: Windows only
  • Cross-Platform project→ Build OS: Windows or Linux


Designer panel
  • Repository path - The path to the repository where the project resides.
  • Project path - The path to the project inside the repository.
  • Policy - The Automation Ops Studio governance policy containing the Workflow Analyzer rules. If not provided, the default workflow analyzer rules apply.
    • You can use an AnalyzePolicy process argument (found in the UiPath.Pipelines.Activities package namespace) or the actual policy ID as a string. Using an AnalyzePolicy process argument, you can then select the Governance policy when setting the pipeline in Automation Ops. When testing, you can use the actual policy Id as a string and then switch to the AnalyzePolicy process argument.
    • The policy URL should have the following format:
Properties panel


  • Continue on error - (Optional) Specifies if the automation should continue even when the activity throws an error. This field only supports Boolean values (True, False). The default value is False. As a result, if the field is blank and an error is thrown, the execution of the project stops. If the value is set to True, the execution of the project continues regardless of any error.


  • Analysis result - Result of the analysis. It is of type System.Data.DataTable. The columns are Level, ErrorCode, RuleName, FilePath, Recommendation, and DocumentationLink. The column type is String. The result is always returned. It is returned even in the case of an Exception being thrown as a result of analysis failure or if the Continue on error parameter is set to True.
  • Description
  • Project compatibility
  • Configuration

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