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Last updated Jul 19, 2024

Using the Data Table component

The Data Table component allows you to display and work with large amounts of data. The other components that you add inside of it are displayed as a table view. This tutorial demonstrates how to bind a data table variable to a Data Table component, display it, and edit it at runtime.
  1. Add a Build Data Table activity and build a table similar to the one below:
    Name (String)Age (Int32)EmailAddress (String)
    Remember the exact names of the columns, because you will use them as the Property Names for the components inside the Data Table.
  2. Save the datatable in a variable. For this example, name it outputDataTable.
  3. Open or create a Form, and add a Data Table component.
  4. In the Field Key tab, set the Property Name as, for this example, datatable.
  5. Add other form components that should hold the data from the datatable.
    1. Text Field - set the Property Name as Name (the exact name of the first column).
    2. Number - set the Property Name as Age (the exact name of the second column)
    3. Text Field - set the Property Name as EmailAddress (the exact name of the third column).
  6. Add a Show Form activity into the workflow, and select the form you created at step 1.
  7. In the Arguments collection, bind the datatable to the Data Table component.
    1. Add an entry and for Key input the Property Name of the Data Table For this example, input datatable.
    2. Set the Type as System.Data.DataTable.
    3. Set the Direction as In.
    4. In the Value field, input the variable where you store the data table created at step 1.
      For this example, add outputDataTable.
  8. Run the workflow and explore the Data Table component capabilities.
Check out the results of this tutorial in the video below:

Workflow example

To follow the steps in this tutorial, see the sample project, as well.

  • Workflow example

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