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Last updated Dec 5, 2023


APIs allow you to access and interact with the services offered in the Manage Packages menu. You can use these APIs when you design coded automations. Visit Coded Automations to learn about coded automations and how to design them using APIs.
Note: Using Go to Definition (F12) allows you to access the definition of UiPath APIs for a certain service. We recommend relying only on the directly exposed APIs when you implement coded automations. Other APIs that are not directly exposed with a service are subject to change without prior notification.


APIs often have overloads, which means they provide multiple versions of the same method with different parameter options. Overloads allow you to customize the behavior of the API based on your specific requirements. For example, a UI Automation API may have an overload that accepts a timeout parameter to specify the maximum time to wait for a UI element to appear before ending execution.

By using the APIs with their respective overloads, you can easily achieve your desired automation logic and behavior.

Testing APIs

API Description
Address Generates a valid address, based on the random country and city that you provide.
AddTestDataQueueItem Adds a DataRow to a specified TestDataQueue.
AttachDocument Attach documents to your test execution results to have proof of the outcome.
BulkAddTestDataQueueItems Add a data table to a specified test data queue.
DeleteTestDataQueueItems Delete specified test data queue items.
GetTestDataQueueItem Extracts a DataRow from a specified TestDataQueue.
GetTestDataQueueItems Extracts data rows from a specified TestDataQueue.
GivenName Generates a random first name.
LastName Generates a random last name.
RandomDate Generates a random date between two dates.
RandomNumber Generates a random integer with a given length.
RandomString Generates a random string with a given length and case.
RandomValue Picks a random line in range of 0 - 2 billions from a 1-column list.
VerifyExpression Verifies the truth value of a given expression.
VerifyExpressionWithOperator Verifies an expression by asserting it in relation to a given expression with an operator.
VerifyRange Verifies if an expression is located or not within a given range.

Using APIs

Use the following format, to call an API from the corresponding service: service.API. For example, system.GetAsset.

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