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Workflow Activities
Last updated Apr 29, 2024

Form trigger activity



You can use this activity to trigger workflows based on an event happening inside a form. For example, you can choose to trigger a workflow when a form is closed, loses focus, or when a certain button was clicked, or a certain text field changed. If you have the Form Trigger Activity in any of your workflows, after you run the project, an argument named TriggerEventArgs, of type TextTriggerEventArgs appears in the Arguments panel.
  • This trigger activity must be the first activity in the workflow.
  • You can only use one trigger activity per workflow.

Project compatibility



Designer panel
  • Select Form - Select the form file based on which you want to create a trigger. You can either choose an existent form file, or click Create new form and start building a form file.
  • Event - Select the event in the form based on which you want the trigger to start. The default form events are:
    • Form closed
    • Form focus lost
    • Form focus gained
    • Form state changed (minimzed/restored)
    • According to the form file you selected for Select Form, other events specific to the form components used in the form file show up.

      For example, for Button components, form events such as Button clicked appear.

  • Message ID - The ID of the message sent from the form using uipathApi.sendMessage. You need this property only if you want to create a trigger for a custom HTML form.
    When you pass data through the Message ID property, you are sending form events. For uiform files, pre-defined form events are available. However, for HTML forms, you must create the form events using the uipathApi.sendMessage JavaScript function. The process requires creating a form event, such as "Reject clicked", within the HTML file. To create a trigger for this event, you must specify the event name in the Message ID property. For more information see Design forms using custom HTML.
Properties panel
  • Enabled - When Enabled is On, the trigger starts when the chosen form event happens. When Enabled is Off, the trigger starts only if you explicitly enable it using the Enable trigger activity.
  • Trigger ID - the unique identifier of this trigger. The Trigger ID can be used with other activities, such as Repeat trigger.
  • Instance Name - If you want to run the trigger only on an instance of a form file, input the instance name in this field. If you want to run the trigger for all instances of a form, leave this field empty.
  • Description
  • Project compatibility
  • Configuration

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