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Last updated Jul 19, 2024

Designing form actions in Studio Web

This tutorial guides you through the process of designing form actions in Studio Web. After you add the Create Form Task activity to your Studio Web project, you will open the project in Studio Desktop to design your form actions.
  1. In Studio Web, inside the Projects window, select See more and then Open in Studio Desktop.
  2. After your project loads, install the FormActivityLibrary package to enable the Form Designer.
    Now you can start designing your form actions.
  3. Select Open Form Designer in the Create Form Task activity, and design your form actions.
  4. To save your form actions, in Studio Desktop, select Cloud Project, and then Save to cloud. This saves your changes in Studio Web, so you can resume your work from there.

Video example

Check out the example below, to see how the process of designing form actions in Studio Web behaves.

  • Video example

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