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Last updated Jul 19, 2024

Start Form Activity



Use this activity to open a form in the background. At runtime, this cuts down the waiting time for the form to open.

The activity must be paired with the Create Form activity in the same or a different workflow. In case of multiple forms, assign a Start Form Activity to every Create Form activity.

Project compatibility

Windows - Legacy | Windows

Windows, Windows - Legacy configuration

Important: Pairing a form with the Start Form Activity causes some of the form properties to be unavailable, such as ExecuteDoBlockFirst, WindowPositionX, WindowPositionY etc.
Properties panel

Common The properties in this category refer to common activity settings.

  • Display Name (String) - Sets the name for this activity. For example, "Open form in background".

Create Form

The properties in this category refer to the form opened by the activity in the background.

  • Folder Path (String) - Enter the path where the form you want to open in the background is located. It can even be a form from a different workflow.
  • Form Name (String) - Enter the name of the form you want to open in the background.

Warning: The name must correspond to a form in the specified folder.

Warning: To bind every Start Activity to the corresponding Create Form activity, the Folder Path and Form Name values must match with the values set in Create Form activity > Start Form properties.


The property in this category refers to miscellaneous settings.

  • Private (Boolean) - To skip logging variables and arguments at Verbose level, check this box. By default, the checkbox is cleared (set to false).


The property in this category refers to the output object data.

  • Form Process Id - Create a variable to retrieve the current process ID. Use it in further activities to reference the process. Mandatory field in the Trigger Form Button activity.

  • Description
  • Project compatibility
  • Windows, Windows - Legacy configuration

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