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Last updated Apr 3, 2024

Creating a guided product tour

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a guided product tour, as part of the digital adoption attended scenario. This scenario is focused on increasing user productivity, experience, and optimize products in general. This tutorial, in particular, shows how to create a guided tour for the Wikipedia website.

The steps below show an overview on how to build a guided tour for the Wikipedia website:
  1. Create a separate workflow for showing the callouts (show callout.xaml). In this workflow you should loop through every step and display it inside the callout. To make the tour experience accurate, configure Advanced Logic on form components. This way you can, for example, disable the Back button when showing the first step of the tour.

  2. Create multiple trigger workflows for possible user actions inside the callout, such as:
    1. When user clicks Next (click next.xaml)
    2. When user clicks Back (click back.xaml)
    3. When user clicks Skip (click skip.xaml)
    4. When user clicks Finish (click finish.xaml)

    You can achieve this using the Form trigger activity.

  3. In the Main workflow, show a form that welcomes the user and asks if it's ready to start the tour. You can achieve this by building a Form file, and then displaying it using the Show Form activity (welcome.uiform).
  4. Create a CSV file that holds all the UI (user interface) elements and the corresponding steps used inside the tour. Separate the information in two columns:
    1. Selector - the value of the UI element. You can get the value of a UI element using UI Explorer.

    2. Message - the message that you want to indicate next to the UI element.
  5. Read the CSV file created at step 2 and save it to a global variable. You can achieve this by using the Read CSV activity and the Data Manager panel to create the global variable.
  6. To display the number of steps left to complete inside each callout, save the number of steps inside a global variable.
  7. When you open the Wikipedia website, invoke show.callout.xaml , and run all local triggers in parallel. This allows you to show the callout for each step, based on the actions a user takes inside a callout.

Sample project

Learn how to create this guided product tour, using this sample project as inspiration.

Video example

Check out the video below that walks you through designing the sample workflow and then testing it.

  • Sample project
  • Video example

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