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Last updated Feb 19, 2024

Dynamically expanding form components at runtime

Some form components, especially the ones that involve text, can require expanding them at runtime. If you have a lot of form tasks of this type, you can easily browse through them, by making form components dynamically expand at runtime. This tutorial shows you how to modify the JSON settings of a form component to make it automatically expand.


  1. Hover over the component that you want to dynamically expand at runtime, and select Edit JSON.

    This opens the component's JSON schema, displaying the default properties.

  2. In the list of properties, manually add the "autoexpand" property and set it to true.
                "label": "Large Text Area",
                "key": "largeTextArea",
                "type": "textarea",
                "autoExpand": true
                "label": "Large Text Area",
                "key": "largeTextArea",
                "type": "textarea",
                "autoExpand": true
  3. Save the component and the form.

    Now the component will automatically expand when opening the Form Action.

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