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Dynamic Checkboxes


Dynamic checkboxes enable you to view an entire list of data entries and select one or more, according to your use case.


To use this feature:

  1. In Studio, click the Create Form activity.
  2. Store the checkbox options in a variable of type List<String> or Dictionary<String, String>.
    For example, create a variable named doc of type List<String> and use it to store your checkboxes data.
doc = new List<string>();
  1. Add the doc variable to the FormFieldsCollection property field of the Create Form activity. Use the In/Out as a Direction and set the Type to List<String>.

The form determines automatically that it is dealing with a set of dynamic checkboxes and displays them accordingly.
These checkboxes can then be later edited from the Form Designer (for example, setting the minimum or maximum choices a user can make).

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Dynamic Checkboxes

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