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Get Username/Password


Stores usernames and passwords securely in the Windows Credential Manager or retrieve from Credential assets from Orchestrator, and save for later use in the automation. To log in using the credentials, add Type Into activities and select the saved for later username and password values as the text to type.

Configuring the Activity

In the Body of the Activity

  • Credential source - Select where the credentials should be loaded from:
    • Credential Manager - Load local credentials.
    • Orchestrator - Load credentials from Orchestrator.
  • Saved credentials - Select existing credentials to use in the automation from the drop-down menu, or select Add new credentials to add new ones.
    If you choose to add new credentials, provide the following information in the Add credentials dialog box and click OK:
    • App or Site - The application or website where the credentials are used.
    • Username - The username used to log in.
    • Password - The password used to log in.
  • Asset name - If Orchestrator was selected as the source, click Plus plus buttonplus button on the right side of the field, and then, from the menu, select an asset name from the available options:
    • Data from the Project Notebook, a parent Excel file or Outlook account. For example, select an Excel file, and then select Indicate in Excel to indicate a cell from the file, or select an email in Outlook and then select a field in the email that contains the name.
    • Ask when run - Prompt for the name when the project is executed.
    • Paste from clipboard - Paste a value that you previously copied to the clipboard in the project..
    • Text - Enter the name in the Text Builder.
    • Use Saved Value - Select a value that you previously saved for later use in the project.
    • Open in Advanced Editor - Enter a VB expression.

If using the "Credential Manager (Local)" source, the credentials you add using this activity are saved in the Windows Credential Manager and can be used in other projects.

  • Click Manage plus buttonplus button on the right side of the drop-down menu to open the UiPath Credential Manager window.. This is where you can edit or delete existing credentials, or add new ones.
  • Saved for later as - Click Plus plus buttonplus button next to the field and select Save for Later Use from the menu. Enter a name for the saved value and click OK.
    When you use the saved value later in the automation, you can select the username or, depending on the activity where the value is used, either the password in plain text or the password as a SecureString.

In the Properties Panel


  • DisplayName - The name displayed for the activity in the Designer panel.


  • AutosubmitTimeoutSeconds - The number of seconds for which to display a login dialog when the selected credentials are used for the first time during execution. While the dialog is displayed, you can make adjustments to the credentials. If no changes are made during this time, the credentials are submitted automatically. The default value is 10 seconds.
  • Credential name - The name of the stored credentials to use.
  • Credentials source - See Credentials source in the body of the activity.
  • Orchestrator credential name - See Asset name in the body of the activity.


  • Private - If selected, the data used in the activity is not logged by StudioX.


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Get Username/Password

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