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Executing Do Block On Checkbox Change


You can configure activities inside the Do block to execute when a specific checkbox in the form is checked or unchecked.


To use this feature:

  1. Add the Create Form activity to your workflow.
  2. Inside the Do block, configure the desired activities.
  3. Open the Form Designer from the Create Form activity.
  4. Drag and drop a Checkbox component.
  5. In the Data tab, click Calculated Value. This expands a list of fields.
  6. In the JavaScript field, enter the following JavaScript code:
const updateOnChange = instance.updateOnChange;
    instance.updateOnChange = function(flags, changed) {
          if (flags.modified) {
           instance.emit('execute', instance.component.key , {});
    return, flags, changed);

The code snippet above triggers the execution of the activities from the Do block based on the checkbox change.

  1. Save the form.
  2. At runtime, when you make changes to the checkbox, notice the activities in the Do block being executed.

Sample Workflow

To check the complete workflow or to have a future reference, download the XAML example below.

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Executing Do Block On Checkbox Change

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