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Troubleshooting CData Sync


When a CData Sync job is not working as expected, there are several ways to get more information about what might have gone wrong.

Job Logs

You can check the job logs for more information about a specific log. Follow these steps to check the job logs in CData Sync.

  1. Select JOBS in the CData Sync menu bar.
  2. Select the job for which you want to view the logs.
  3. Go to the Logging & History tab in the Job Settings panel.
  4. Locate the Log File column and download the log of the desired data run.

See the official CData Sync documentation on Logs and History for more details.

Application Logs

When the job logs do not provide adequate information, you can check the Application Log of the CData Sync server. The Application Log contains more detailed information about all jobs being run. This can be helpful when analyzing pre-job and post-job events.

Follow these steps to view the CData Sync application log.

  1. Select STATUS in the CData Sync menu bar.
  2. Go to the Application Log tab in the History & Logs panel.
  3. Select Download Log File.

See the official CData Sync documentation on Application Logs for more details.

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