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Last updated Jul 12, 2024

Failed Status When Creating a Data Labeling Session


If you are not able to create data labeling sessions on Data Manager in AI Center, take the following steps.

Solution 1

Please double-check if Document Understanding is properly enabled. You should have updated the configuration file before the installation and set documentunderstanding.enabled to True, or you could update it in ArgoCD post-installation as below.

After doing that, you need to disable it and disable AI Center on the tenant you wish to use the Data Labeling feature on, or create a new tenant.

Solution 2

If Document Understanding is properly enabled in the configuration file or ArgoCD, sometimes Document Understanding is not enabled for DefaultTenant. This manifests itself as not being able to create data labeling sessions.

To fix this, disable AI Center on the tenant and re-enable it. Note that you might need to wait a few minutes before being able to re-enable it.

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