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The UiPath Automation Hub Guide

UiPath Assistant connection

If you have Instant Consumption enabled, then once the GET button is pressed in the Automation Store, the automation will automatically be available for running in UiPath Assistant.

In order to setup your UiPath Assistant organization wide, you need to make sure that the following setup is in place:

  1. Install UiPath Assistant
  2. Set up the license
  3. Set up the interactive sign in with Orchestrator or manually connecting to Orchestrator
  4. Set up your attended robots
  5. Run Automatons in UiPath Assistant

View the process from the Store in UiPath Assistant

To see and run your Automation in UiPath Assistant, see the steps below:

Open your UiPath Assistant that is already connected to the Orchestrator that corresponds to the same tenant as the Automation Store.


In the processes list, you are able to see the newly installed process from the Store and you can run it for the first time.


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UiPath Assistant connection

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