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Last updated Jul 10, 2024


Note: This option may not be displayed if the Account Owner decides to switch it off from the Settings page. For details please check the Updating the Settings page.

This is a data-driven page meant to amplify the effect of the gamified core experience by displaying your and your colleagues' achievements.

The filter available on the right-hand side of the screen provides the option to see your level:

  • in your business unit - here you can see only the colleagues registered under the same division or business unit within your company.
  • in all business units - here you can see all the colleagues from all the business units registered within your tenant.

The order in which the accounts are displayed is based on the number of experience points scored by each user compared to the users from the accessed list.

A summary of the platform activity and accomplishments is displayed for each user listed in the leaderboard.

  • Account position - is marked in the upper left corner of the user's picture and displays the user's position within the selected view.
  • Automations - the total number of automation ideas shared by the user.
  • Components - the total number of published components uploaded by the user.
  • Badges - the latest 5 Badges obtained.

    Badges are digital rewards won for succeeding in demanding requirements.

  • Achievements - the latest 5 Achievements obtained.

    Achievements are digital rewards for repetitive tasks or light requirements.

  • Points - the total number of points obtained by the user.

    A certain number of points is given each time a Badge and Achievement is obtained.

  • Level - the user's last obtained status levels.

    Levels are reached when a certain combination of Badges and Achievements have been obtained.

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