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Last updated Feb 22, 2024

Automation Hub - Assisted Task Mining Integration

This feature empowers you to create a UiPath Assisted Task Mining project directly from the UiPath Automation Hub interface. This integration streamlines the process of initiating task mining projects, allowing you to seamlessly transition from identifying automation opportunities to collecting and analyzing user behavior data.

Enabling the integration

To enable the integration, you must meet the following prerequisites::
  • In Automation Cloud you need to be an Organization Admin - to manage tenant level services and add the service if it isn't there.
  • In Automation Hub you need to have the Manage the Tenant Settings permission to enable/disable the integration.
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Note: The integration might be enabled by default. The following are the default statuses for the integration:
  • Existing tenants with Automtion Hub and Task Mining - integration on by default.
  • Existing tenants with Automation Hub and no Task Mining - integration is turned on when Task Mining is enabled.
  • Existing tenants with only Task Mining - integration is turned on when Automation Hub is enabled.
  • New tenants with Automation Hub and Task Mining - integration on by default.
  • New tenants and existing tenant without Task Mining or Automation Hub - integration on by default.
  1. In Automation Hub platform, select Admin console.
  2. Select the Account tab, and from the dropdown list, select Settings.
  3. In the Features Toggles section, check if Capturing process graphs with Task Mining is enabled. The option is grayed out if Task Mining isn't present at the tenant level.
  4. Choose the Default tool for capturing process graphs, by selecting one of the options available.

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Using the integration

To use the integration from an existing idea, perform the following steps:
  1. In the Documentation tab from an Automation Profile, select the arrow, and from the dropdown list, select the tool you want to use for documenting the idea between Task Mining or Task Capture. Select Capture with Task Mining. A new project is automatically created in Task Mining, and after saving the flow, the information is sent to Automation Hub.
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    Note: To use Task Mining to document the process, you need Project Creator role in Task Mining to be able to create a project.
  2. Once the project is created in Task Mining, a confirmation message is displayed in Automation Hub and the link is available in the Links section from the right hand side, above Basic Information section.
    Note: If a Task Mining project is already linked to an Automation Hub idea, when using export, you can view the Idea name and exported traces so you know that the idea is already mapped.
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Existing documents

For existing Task Capture documents, you can still use the Edit with Task Capture option to update your project. This is also applicable if Task Mining is set as the default option for creation.

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  • Enabling the integration
  • Using the integration
  • Existing documents

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