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Last updated Jul 10, 2024

Differences in the Service View

When navigating the Automation Hub instance from an Automation Cloud tenant, you can notice that all the options and capabilities from the Automation Hub platform are available still the below options are available in a slightly different place.

  • The language switcher, theme switcher, and the Logout options are available by accessing the Automation Cloud account icon in the upper left corner.

    • When the preferred language or theme is selected, this is applied to all Automation Cloud services, including Automation Hub.
    • When the Logout option is clicked, you will be disconnected from the entire Automation Cloud platform.

  • The following changes can be noticed when accessing the Profile Icon:

    • The Language switcher is removed.
    • The Logout button is removed.
    • The following options are available:

      • View My Profile
      • Email Settings
      • FAQs
      • User Guide
      • Contact Us
      • Terms and Conditions
      • Privacy Policy

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