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Last updated Jul 10, 2024

Instant Consumption Settings

This feature enables Automation Hub to act as an automation store. Users can browse throughout the automation gallery and are also able to download and install automations they like and fulfill their needs.

This feature allows the account owners to control the way their users will interact with the entries from the Automation Store. Depending on the feature setting, the following actions will be available for your business users:

Instant Consumption On

  • Business users will be able to see the GET button, instead of Request on the Automation Store profile card
  • Pressing GET will allow the users to GET their requested automation from the store into their UiPath Assistant (via the Cloud Orchestrator Integration)

Instant Consumption Off

  • Business users will be able to see the Request button, instead of GET on the Automation Store profile card
  • Pressing Request will allow the user to request the installation of the automation from the store by their internal CoE

Instant Consumption Setup

Before starting using Automation Store, you need to verify if the Instant Consumption feature is enabled in Automation Hub by following the steps below:

  1. Click on Admin Console and select Account -> Account Settings.

  2. Check if Automation Store is enabled. From this view, you can also control the Instant Consumption option.

  • Instant Consumption Setup

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