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Last updated Jul 10, 2024


On the Collaborators page you have access to a list containing the users assigned as Collaborators for that automation idea.

The Process Owner, Project Manager, or any other collaborator with access rights to modify the collaborators have an additional card available: Manage Roles & Permissions. By clicking this card, the list of collaborators added to the idea is opened in Edit mode.

Add Collaborator

The Add Collaborator button allows you to add new users to the Automation Profile with specific permissions granted by the assigned Collaborator Role.


Conditions to be able to select users and assign them as collaborators in an idea with Project Manager, Business Analyst, Solution Architect, RPA Developer, or any other custom Collaborator Role that you define:

  • the Collaborator Role needs to be previously assigned in the user account. This is required only if the collaborator role has the Make this role assignable toggle turned ON in Admin Console > Manage Access > Roles > Collaborator roles page.
  • the user needs to have access to the automation's Categories.

To check or update the user account, search for it in Admin Console > Manage Access > Assign Roles screen and follow the steps from the Managing User Accounts page.

  1. Once you click the button, the Add Collaborator pop up is displayed.
  2. Start by searching the user's name or email address. Once displayed, select them.
  3. Choose one or more Collaborator Roles from the drop-down list.

    Note: some collaborator roles are not displayed if they were not previously assigned in the user account.
  4. In the Editing Rights check the sections where the user will have edit access.

  5. After selecting Add and Save from the Manage Roles and Permissions page, the invited user will be notified via:
  • email with the newly granted permissions

  • platform notification as: [User] added [name of collaborator] as a [assigned collaborator role] in the automation [automation name]


A new task is created for each page where editing rights have been granted to the collaborator.

Tasks can be viewed by going to My Tasks.

Manage Roles

Within this section, you can manage the accounts for the automation idea collaborator team.

Remove Collaborator

The Remove option allows you to completely remove a Collaborator from the Collaborator list.

Update Roles

Use the Role column drop-down list to assign/unassign the collaborator roles a user has within an Automation Idea Profile.

Note: Some collaborator roles are not displayed if they were not previously assigned in the user account. Please check the Managing User Accounts page for more details.
Note: Here you can also update the Idea Submitter by removing the Employee Idea Submitter role from the assigned user and assigning it to a different user.

Edit Collaborator's Rights

In the Edit Rights section you have listed all the added collaborators and their assigned rights within the Automation Idea Profile.

To edit the rights of a collaborator simply check/uncheck the corresponding box.

After all the updates are made click Save.

  • Add Collaborator
  • Manage Roles
  • Remove Collaborator
  • Update Roles
  • Edit Collaborator's Rights

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