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Last updated Jan 29, 2024

September 2023

18 September 2023


  • The session management of Automation Hub is now aligned with the one from Automation Cloud.
  • Explore: Ideas in Business Review phase and Awaiting review status are now displayed in Explore section.
  • OpenAPI: get/idea-flows call is now available to return a list of all available flows (default and custom) from Automation Hub, together with their correspondent phases and statuses and patch/idea-flows/automations/{automationId}/status is available to update Automation Phase Status from Idea Flow.

Fixed bugs

  • Automation Profile: Uploading the same Process Document multiple times via API was possible, therfore creating duplicated uploads.
  • Automation Profile: Users with the Program Manager role were able to access the edit mode option for any automation even if they had limited rights.
  • Automation Profile: The idea type of an idea created with a custom idea form would revert to the original workflow if the submitted idea was edited.
  • Automation Profile: A user could've been added as a Process Owner even if they doesn't belong to that specific business area.
  • Automation Profile > Edit mode: Save was working only once for a custom question with a single choice. Editing it and saving it again, wouldn't preserve the values.
  • Change Request: In the assessment section, pressing start fresh wouldn’t load the assessment if the inherit from parent idea option was selected before.
  • Submit Idea: Users with Category-specific roles couldn't submit ideas.
  • OpenAPI: Using the API: /download/file/{file_id}, to retrieve a document was throwing an error.
  • Notifications: Bell notifications weren't cleared even after reading all the notifications.
  • 18 September 2023
  • Improvements
  • Fixed bugs
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