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Enabling Automation Hub in Automation Cloud

To be able to use the Automation Hub service you first need to enable it for your tenant.

:white-check-mark: Before enabling the service please check the Prerequisites.



Automation Hub is a tenant-level service signifying that each tenant's data is segregated. Furthermore, you need to complete the provisioning process for each of the tenants where the Automation Hub service is needed.

Follow the steps below to enable the Automation Hub service on a tenant.

  1. Go to the Automation Cloud Homepage and log in with your UiPath account.
  2. Click the Admin button.
  3. Click Tenants to display the list of available tenants.
    For more details about managing the tenants please check the About Tenants page from the Automation Cloud guide.
  4. Click the three-dotted actions icon at the right side of the tenant for which you want to enable the Automation Hub. Select Edit Services.
  5. In the Edit services panel, select Automation Hub. Click Save.

A confirmation message is displayed.


As soon as the confirmation message is displayed the provisioning Phase1 is completed. This means that:

  • A license is consumed for the Automation Hub service from the Organization license;
  • Automation Hub is added as a service on that tenant. This is visible on the Admin > Tenants screen.



At this point, in order to finish provisioning, you need to click on the Automation Hub service hyperlink from the Admin > Tenants screen. Then, follow the steps for this guide - Phase 2 - Provisioning the Automation Hub service.

:bookmark: Below you can find the video version of this process.

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Enabling Automation Hub in Automation Cloud

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