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Submit an Automation Idea

If you notice a manual, repetitive task, or process that could be done automatically, you are encouraged to submit a request for automation. Do this by clicking the Submit Idea button available on the top, right-hand side of the page.

Depending on the submitter's assigned permission levels, ideas have two separated approval flows:

Employee-driven Idea

The Submit Idea button is available for users with a limited amount of information related to the process/task they are describing, and are not so familiar with RPA.
As soon as you click it, a pre-defined questionnaire containing a set of 9 questions is displayed. This helps you identify suitable candidates for automation.

If you're not sure that the chosen task/process is suitable for automation, follow the submission process as it's created to help you decide, and, at the same time, you will become more familiar with the criteria used for assessing a task/process. To test an idea, it first needs to be submitted.

As soon as you submitted an idea the below flow is initiated:

  1. The platform automatically calculates the Idea Score.
  2. An Automation Profile is created for your idea.
    Check it to follow its evolution and updates.
  3. The idea undergoes trough several reviews and updates. Check out the Automation Idea Review Phases for more information.

CoE-driven Idea

Authorized users like Subject Matter Experts, Process Owners, RPA Business Analysts, Process Consultants who know the process in detail, can bypass the Direct Manager's approval flow by submitting a CoE-driven idea. Check out the Automation Idea Review Phases for more information.

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Submit an Automation Idea

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