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My Tasks Overview

Depending on the identified needs, you may be assigned to specific tasks in the system. To find out the tasks and their details click the Task icon. This is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen next to the question mark icon.

By clicking this button, the My Tasks section is displayed. Here all tasks assigned to you are presented in two sections depending on their status.



New or in-progress tasks that have been assigned to the user.

Tasks where the user has completed the actions assigned to them.

Tasks are assignments automatically generated from the platform.

These can be triggered by certain automation or component events and are related to the following areas:

  • Reviewing an idea submitted by a member of the team;
  • Launching the assessment for an idea approved by the Direct Manager;
  • Resubmitting the idea following the feedback from the Direct Manager;
  • Filling in the detailed assessment for an automation idea;
  • Reviewing a CoE-driven idea;
  • Reviewing an assessed automation idea with the Automation Advisory Board;
  • Assigning a Project Manager for an automation idea approved for implementation;
  • Performing updates in the About section of the automation idea;
  • Uploading Documentation for an automation idea;
  • Adding reusable components in an automation idea;
  • Components need to be updated or a review is in progress;
  • Analyze a reported abuse;
  • Analyze a reported bug.

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My Tasks Overview

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