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Integration with Task Capture

This video presents how to use Task Capture in order to document an automation idea.

The main topics are:

  1. Document the flow from submitting an idea;
  2. The Open Task Capture pop up window from the browser;
  3. Presentation of the Task Capture version that you need to have installed and what happens if you don't have the tool installed at all;
  4. Overview of the download options;
  5. Document the flow in Task Capture;
  6. Overview of the export and renaming options available in Task Capture;
  7. Explain how the process looks in Automation Hub - Documentation section;
  8. Explain how to overwrite the imported documentation if you have not closed Task Capture;
  9. Explain how to close Task Capture;
  10. Overview of the download ZIP file option;
  11. Overview of the ZIP file content from the Documentation section;
  12. Present the Preview option;
  13. Present the Continue documenting flow if you have clicked Download Task Capture.

Who has access:

As the tool can be opened from two different locations the access is given as follows:

  • The page displayed after an Employee-driven idea was submitted
    The option is available for the idea submitter.
  • The Documentation module under the Automation Profile page
    The option is available only for the idea submitter and users assigned with editing rights for that specific Documentation page.

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Integration with Task Capture

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