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Creating a New Collaborator Role

Collaborator Roles are a sum of permissions that provide particular edit rights for an Automation Profile to the assigned user. Unlike Roles, Collaboration Roles are specific for each automation and idea facilitating the creation of a collaborative team handling the idea's development and pushing it through the various phases.

Apart from the default Collaboration Roles, you can create new ones customized as per your automation or idea specific needs.



To manage additional Collaborator Roles several Actions are available. To access the Actions menu click the three-dotted icon corresponding to the Collaborator Role row. The available actions allow you to:

  • Edit the Collaborator Role name, description, or assigned permissions;
  • Disable or Deleted Collaborator Roles that were not used in any Automation or Idea Profile. Collaborator Roles used in an Automation or Idea Profile have the Disable and Delete options grayed out.

To add new Collaborator Roles follow the below steps:

  1. Access Admin Console > Manage Access > Roles > Collaborator Roles.
  2. Click the New icon.
  1. A new section for the Collaborator Role is added at the end of the Roles list.
  2. Enter the new Role Name in this section and click Save.
  1. Scroll up and check the Permissions table from the right-hand side.
  2. Add a Description for the Collaborator Role. The option is available under the Collaborator Role Name.
  3. Check if you wish to Make this role assignable to users in the Assign Roles page.


Make this role assignable option

If the setting is ON, you can assign this role to users in the Assign Roles page and then select the role in the Collaborators page of any idea for those users. When setting if OFF, pre-assignation in Assign Roles page is not required.
All users with the permission Manage the User Roles can edit this setting.

  • By default, it's OFF for Process Owner, Citizen Developer.
  • By default, it's ON for all other collaborator roles, except for the Submitter collaborator roles where the setting is not applicable.
  1. Using the checkboxes, select the permissions to be assigned to the newly created Collaborator Role.
  2. Click Sync Changes for the updates to be applied.

The Custom Collaborator Roles can be used to:

  • Assign them when adding or editing a user account, in order to restrict who can be added as a collaborator in the automation or idea.
  • Filter and add collaborators in automation or idea, in order to contribute during the various phases.

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Creating a New Collaborator Role

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