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Automation Pipeline

Within this page, you have access to all the automation ideas that have been submitted. To make the review process easier, the following lists have been set up:

  • All: a list containing all the automations in all phases and statuses.
  • Assessment Pipeline: a list containing all automations in Idea phase with the status Approved.
  • Decision Pipeline: a list containing automations in Qualification phase, with the status Awaiting Review and On Hold.

The All and the Assessment Pipeline views can be customized as follows:

  • Show/Hide certain columns;
  • Sort the ideas you want to view;
  • Search for a particular idea.
    The search is performed in the Title, Automation ID, and in the Description of each automation.

For each automation, you have a set of Actions available. To access it, click the three-dotted icon corresponding to the automation you are interested in.

The information from the Est. Benefit (Hours) can be filtered using the following options related to the ease of implementation percentage computed based on the Assessment Algorithm:

  • Easy to implement (highlighted with green): ease of implementation percentage is between 65% (including) and 100% (including).
  • Medium difficulty ((highlighted with yellow): ease of implementation percentage is between 35% (including) and 65% (excluding).
  • Difficult to implement ((highlighted with red): ease of implementation percentage is between 0% (including) and 35% (excluding).

The flash icon is displayed for automations submitted through the CoE driven flow.

The exclamation mark icon is displayed for one of the below cases:

  • Unassigned Process Owner

In this case, the Idea Approver or Program Manager need to open the automation Quick View page, click the Process Owner field and select from the drop-down list a suitable user to be assigned as Process Owner of that particular idea. Once the user selected, click Assign.

  • Idea score is an exception

In this case, the the Idea Approver or Program Manager need to access te Idea profile page and review the entered information.

For all the lists you have the following options:

Customize and Save your View

Use the Save View option to save a custom view for the All, Assessment Pipeline, and Decision Pipeline tables. This option allows you to customize the visible columns, sorting options, filters, and the number of items displayed.

You can apply any of the following customization criteria:

  • a Search option that can be used to easily find an automation idea,
  • a Sort option that allows you to view specific automations defined by the selected filtering criteria,
  • the option to Show/Hide certain columns from the table.

Download CSV

To download a CSV file containing the information from a list, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the list you want to download.
  2. Check the Sort and Show/Hide filters to make sure that you download all the needed information.



The filters that you apply to each list influence the downloaded information.

  1. Click Download CSV.
  2. The Save as pop up is displayed. Specify the name and location of the file.
  3. A CSV file containing the selected data from the chosen list is exported to your PC.

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Automation Pipeline

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