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Audit Logs

By accessing the Audit Logs page the tenant's System Admin as well as other users with roles that have the permission to access the option, can view and download CSV reports containing information about the user activity on their Automation Hub tenant as well as Open API calls made.

The types of logs available in the Audit Logs section are:

  • Event Log - main report where you can find a list of all the events that happened, who performed them and time.
  • Open API - list of all the API calls performed on your Automation Hub Open API service - includes the entire request and response.
  • Tenant service - list of all the API calls performed on your Automation Hub instance - includes the entire request and response.
  • Object reference - list of API calls that too large to be displayed in the Tenant Service or Open API report.

To access the page go to Admin Console > Account -> Audit Logs.


Updated Audit Logs Screenshot



Audit Logs are stored for 30 days.

The table contains the following columns:

  • Service Name
  • Date Range
  • Size
  • Download button
  • View (button)

Service name

Defines the type of service that the log is generated for.


  • Event Log - main report where you can find a list of all the events that happened, who performed them and time.
  • Open API - list of all the API calls performed on your Automation Hub Open API service - includes the entire request and response.
  • Tenant service - list of all the API calls performed on your Automation Hub instance - includes the entire request and response.
  • Object reference - list of API calls that too large to be displayed in the Tenant Service or Open API report.

Date Range

  • Represents the period for which the log is generated.
  • The logs are generated on a weekly basis - therefore the range will always be of 1 week.
  • The dates are generated by the system and cannot be controlled by the user.


  • Represents the size of the log file expressed in kilobytes.


  • The download button will be displayed in the “Download” column.
  • The button will allow the user to download the file and store it on his local machine.
  • The download button will not have limitations or restrictions - so the user can access and download the log at any time.


  • Will allow the user to visualize any of audit log report type from the page.
  • When clicked, it will open a table visualizer above the initial table that contains the Audit Log files.
  • Search will allow you to search in any column of the file.
  • Most common use case that we will recommend will be the search by “Action Name” in the Event Log report.
  • The visualizer also has pagination that enters into play after showing 210 lines of the report.

There are a couple of fields in the report which have also the option to copy the content of a specific field.

These fields are:

  • Action Info
  • Request Body
  • Response Body
  • Open API token

The response body and the request body are usually too large to show up in the visualizer. If that happens, they will show up like this {}


Event Log - Action types

The list below is the complete list of events that can occur on tenant level and that can be included in the Action type:

Event Id Platform Event Name Platform Event Slug
1 Idea Submitted idea-submitted
2 Process Phase and Status Changed process-phase-changed
3 Process Mark As Completed process-mark-completed
4 User Profile Updated user-profile-updated
5 Process Updated process-updated
6 Process Document Added process-document-added
7 Process Followed process-followed
8 Process Upvoted process-upvoted
9 Process Comment Added process-comment-added
10 Process Comment Reply Added process-comment-reply-added
11 Process Comment User Mentioned process-comment-user-mentioned
12 Process Collaborator Role Assigned process-collaborator-role-assigned
13 Reusable Component Added reusable-component-added
14 Process Abuse Reported process-abuse-reported
15 Component Status Changed component-status-changed
16 Component Support Requested component-support-requested
17 Component Abuse Reported component-abuse-reported
18 User Invited to Join NavGo send-user-invite-email
19 Email Verification Sent email-verification-sent
20 Component Review Abuse Reported component-review-abuse-reported
21 Process Comment Abuse Reported process-abuse-comment-reported
22 Component Comment Abuse Reported component-abuse-comment-reported
23 Process Collaborator Role Removed process-collaborator-role-removed
24 Process Collaborator About Edit Rights Granted process-collaborator-about-edit-rights-granted
25 Process Collaborator About Edit Rights Revoked process-collaborator-about-edit-rights-revoked
26 Process Owner Assigned process-owner-assigned
27 Project Manager Assigned project-manager-assigned
28 Process Document Updated process-document-updated
29 Process Document Deleted process-document-deleted
30 Direct Manager Added direct-manager-added
31 Direct Manager Removed direct-manager-removed
32 Admin Process Role Added admin-process-role-added
33 Admin Process Role Updated admin-process-role-updated
34 Admin Process Role Deleted admin-process-role-deleted
35 Admin Template Doument Added admin-template-document-added
36 Admin Template Doument Updated admin-template-document-updated
37 Admin Template Doument Set Default admin-template-document-set-default
38 Admin Process Role Enabled admin-process-role-enabled
39 Admin Process Role Disabled admin-process-role-disabled
40 Admin Template Deleted admin-template-deleted
41 Process Collaborator Documentation Edit Rights Granted process-collaborator-documentation-edit-rights-granted
42 Process Collaborator Documentation Edit Rights Revoked process-collaborator-documentation-edit-rights-revoked
43 Process Collaborator Removed From Certain Roles process-collaborator-certain-role-removed
44 Component Version Updated component-version-updated
45 Project Manager Role Assigned project-manager-role-assigned
46 Component updated component-updated
47 CoE-driven Idea Submitted coe-driven-idea-submitted
48 Reusable component removed reusable-component-removed
49 System Admin added to user system-admin-added-to-user
50 Program Manager added to user program-manager-added-to-user
51 Curator added to user curator-added-to-user
52 Assigned System admin assigned-system-admin
53 System Admin removed from user system-admin-removed-from-user
54 Program Manager removed from user program-manager-removed-from-user
55 Curator removed from user curator-removed-from-user
56 Process hierarchy updated process-hierarchy-updated
57 Application inventory updated application-inventory-updated
58 User's information updated admin-users-information-updated
59 Assigned Program Manager assigned-program-manager
60 Assigned Curator assigned-curator
61 Removed as System Admin removed-as-system-admin
62 Removed as Program Manager removed-as-program-manager
63 Removed as Curator removed-as-curator
64 Component Archived component-archived
65 Component Updated for Downloaded Users component-updated-for-downloaded-users
66 Component Uploaded for Curation component-uploaded-for-curation
67 Component Curation Started component-curation-started
68 Component Curation Reject component-curation-reject
69 Component Curation Needs Update component-curation-needs-update
70 Component Curation Publish component-curation-publish
71 First User Standard Plan email first-user-standard-email
72 First User Trial Plan email first-user-trial-email
73 Component Downloaded component-downloaded
74 Component Review Added component-review-added
75 Component Comment Added component-comment-added
76 Component New Reply component-new-reply
77 Component User Mentioned component-user-mentioned
78 Authorized User added to user authorized-user-added-to-user
79 CoE Collaborator added to user coe-collaborator-added-to-user
80 Assigned Authorized User assigned-authorized-user
81 Assigned CoE Collaborator assigned-coe-collaborator
82 Authorized User removed from user authorized-user-removed-from-user
83 CoE Collaborator removed from user coe-collaborator-removed-from-user
84 Removed as Authorized User removed-as-authorized-user
85 Removed as CoE Collaborator removed-as-coe-collaborator
86 Change Plan Dealhub email changed-plan-dealhub-email
87 Change Plan Owner email changed-plan-owner-email
88 Error email to Account Owner changed-plan-error-email
89 Process Collaborator CBA Edit Rights Granted process-collaborator-cba-edit-rights-granted
90 Extend Trial Granted extend-trial-granted
91 User Sync Finished user-sync-finished
92 User Deleted user-deleted
93 Process Collaborator Components Edit Rights Granted process-collaborator-components-edit-rights-granted
94 User Deactivated user-deactivated
95 User Activated user-activated
96 Component bug reported component-bug-reported
97 CD Automation submitted cd-automation-submitted
98 CD Automation shared cd-automation-shared
99 CD Automation requested cd-automation-requested
100 Automation Published automation-published
101 Process Review Added process-review-added
102 Process Question Added process-question-added
103 Process Question Reply Added process-question-reply-added
104 Process Review Updated process-review-updated
105 Group Added group-added
106 Group Deleted group-deleted
107 Group Updated group-updated
108 Automation Consumed automation-consumed
109 User Added user-added
110 User Updated user-updated
111 User Mentioned In A Question process-question-user-mentioned
112 User Login log-in
113 User Logout log-out
114 E-mail sent to the user email-sent

Exporting Audit Logs Information as a .CSV file

You can download and retain the logs for the company's specific audit requirements. Each row of the table contains a log file that can be downloaded locally in a CSV file by clicking the Download button.



Each entry in the file contains details for one specific action captured by the log.

The entry contains the following fields:

userEmailthe e-mail of the user who performed the operation
userIdthe User ID as registered in the data base
logTypethe type of log
auditLogRequestIdthe ID of the log entry
timestampthe timestamp registered for the log
tenantIdthe tenant UUID
tenantNamethe tenant name
statusCodethe status code of the API request
responseBody* if applicable
requestBody* if applicable
querythe query object
logRequestDurationthe duration of the log request
logEndEpochthe end time of the log request
cloudUserId* if applicable
logStartEpochthe start time of the epoch log
URLthe endpoint URL
serviceNameDifferentiates between the different services:
tenant - service
open - API
methodAPI method
openAPITokenfilled only for open - API service logs



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Audit Logs

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