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Assessments per Category

Different assessments for each category from their Categories structure can be customized or started from scratch by System Admins.

New assessment per category

  1. Select the New custom assessment menu located above all existing assessments.
  2. Select the category that this assessment applies to. You can select one or up to five, depending on the maximum defined on your tenant.
  3. Selecting Done saves the category structure, and you can now select the desired assessment type.
  1. Start customizing an assessment by choosing an assessment type and creation option available.



If the selected categories are already defined in the Customize assessments page, after clicking on Done you're redirected to the page already created for that category structure.

Assessment types and creation options

These are the available assessment types:

  • Overview assessment ​(part of all submission forms).
  • High-level assessment (part of Share an idea form).
  • Detailed assessment (part of Share a CoE-driven idea form).
  • Citizen-developer assessment​ (part of the Share an automation form).
  • Change request assessment (part of Share a change request form).
  • Execution assessment (available for automation ideas in Live phase).
  • Miscellaneous assessment​ (includes the Benefits, Challenges, Lessons Learned, Media, and Similar Automations questions that are part of all automation profiles).

And four creation options:

  • Upload - This allows you to select a file from the local machine and upload it as an existing template. The assessment name and version are auto-populated with the name and number of the uploaded assessment. This can be edited later on the customization page. Only .aha files are accepted for upload.



You cannot upload a saved assessment to a different assessment type. The newly uploaded assessment will be automatically switched to the initial type.
E.g. If you try to upload a High Level assessment on the Citizen Developer assessment, you're automatically redirected to the High Level Assessment page of the same category.

  • Copy existing - Start the customization from an assessment that already exists within the tenant, but has been created in a different category.
  • Default assessment - Start the customization from the default UiPath assessment proposed for each assessment type. The edit mode of the customization page is opened with the default assessment preloaded.
  • Start fresh - Start a brand new assessment, having no pre-populated content from previous assessments.
    If you start fresh a High Level Assessment and not use the default KPI Idea score, the Idea Score will be shown as 0% for users submitting the assessment. The same score is also kept in the tables as well.
    Not using the Automation Potential, EOI%, and benefits KPIs if starting fresh with a Detailed Assessment causes the Decision Pipeline and the existing Automation Hub dashboards not to get updated with custom KPIs, and a custom dashboard in Insights needs to be created.
    Not adding the Potential benefit KPI displayed in the Automation Store when starting fresh a citizen developer assessment impacts the score by not showing benefits computed for the citizen developer automations.



For Overview Assessment, only Copy existing and Default Assessment options are available.

Impact on submission forms

When filling the idea form, by default, the Overview section and the corresponding assessments defined for All Categories are loaded. Once the Category selection is done, if there are custom assessments created for that selection, then the corresponding assessments are loaded following the below rules:

  • If there is no custom assessment set live for the selected category, then the next assessment available of the parent category is loaded.
  • If none is defined, then the global assessment for All categories is loaded.



Admin has built a custom Detailed assessment for the Legal > Compliance category. When a user fills out the Share a CoE-driven idea form, then:

  • If the user selects Legal > Compliance > Compliance Intake category, then the custom assessment built for its parent (Legal > Compliance) is loaded.
  • If the user selects Legal > Compliance, then the custom assessment built for this category is loaded.
  • If the user selects Legal, then the global assessment for All Categories is loaded.

Impact on Automation profile page

In Automation profile page - edit mode: The assessment dropdown list contains all the versions created for the category selected, excluding the archived ones and the versions of assessment created for all the parent categories.




If the category is changed in the Overview section when editing an automation idea, the system does not automatically change the assessment version on which the idea was submitted. When another assessment version is required, a user with rights to modify the assessment version has to select it manually from the available dropdown list.

Impact on Automation Pipeline

If a question is common (has the same variable name) among multiple assessments, part of different categories, then its corresponding column from the Automation Pipeline and all the Workspace tables will display the most recent question title saved.

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Assessments per Category

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