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Upskill the way you interact with Automation Hub and get the most out of this experience in a flexible and easy manner by following the Automation Hub courses available on our e-learning platform, UiPath Academy.

UiPath Automation Hub Overview

Learn how to accelerate RPA adoption across your organization and understand the basics of Automation Hub.
By the end of this course, you should be able to submit an automation or an idea, identify the phases of the automation and idea lifecycle, or identify the user permission levels in Automation Hub.

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UiPath Automation Hub Deep Dive

Get to know more about the lifecycle of automations and ideas, the lifecycle of reusable components, and the Automation Hub setup.
By completing your Automation Hub onboarding experience with this course you will be able to understand advanced topics like managing user roles, managing documentation templates, customizing the detailed assessment, or performing cost-benefit analysis.

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UiPath Automation Hub for Citizen Developers

Find out more how UiPath Automation Hub can be used for automation democratization through ready-made automation distribution and development crowdsourcing.

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Improving RPA knowledge

Boost your RPA skills by enrolling in one of the numerous courses available on UiPath Academy, under the Course Catalog section. To set a solid foundation we recommend you start with the below 3 courses:

Course nameDescription
RPA StarterThis course provides an overview of RPA, presents the main capabilities of the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform and even offers you a taste of the actual automation building process.
Business Analyst FoundationLearn about the role of a Business Analyst in the context of RPA implementation and find out how to conduct a successful opportunity assessment by determining the complexity of a process, the factors that influence the automation potential, and the business benefits of RPA adoption.
RPA Implementation Methodology FundamentalsBuild the ability to identify the steps of implementation and choose suitable processes for automation. The lessons also focus on how to drive an RPA project and raise RPA Awareness throughout the organization.

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Academy Courses

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