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Marketplace User Guide
Last updated Apr 16, 2024

Cancellation & Refund

1. How do I cancel my subscription?

  • Please go to the Subscriptions tab in your profile > Paid > Active > three-dotted menu > View Subscription Details > Set Auto Renewal to Off.

2. What is your cancellation policy?

  • You can turn off Auto-Renewal for your subscription at any time. This way, it will expire at the end of a then-current billing period.

3. Can I cancel my subscription even after an invoice was already generated?

  • Yes

4. Can I request a refund for my Marketplace purchase?

  • Unless expressly provided otherwise in the UiPath Marketplace Agreement or UiPath Marketplace Partner Agreement, all orders are non-cancelable and non-refundable. If you think you are entitled to get a refund, please follow the below steps:

    • Go to our Contact Us page (make sure you are signed in with the account used for the purchase)
    • Fill in the form and choose the Request refund option from the What feature is this related to drop-down menu?
    • Provide the Subscription ID available in your Paid subscriptions section.


      Marketplace Support can request additional information once the refund request is received.

      We will inform you once the refund has been processed.

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