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Last updated Apr 16, 2024


What is Marketplace Security Certification?

  • The Marketplace Security Certification is the process a listing undergoes from its submission on the Marketplace until its publishing.

    It consists of several phases meant to ensure the quality, security and functionality of the automations.

    For more details, please read the Marketplace Security Certification article.

    Note: For Business Solutions, there is a Business Solutions Verification process.

What kind of Security Checks do you perform?

  • Security of the content is our top priority, next to ensuring the content is highly relevant and easy to use.

    For more details, please read the Marketplace Security Certification article.

How long does it take for a listing to be certified?

  • For Silver Certified, the necessary time is 7 to 10 business days, however, the timeline might differ depending on the listing’s complexity, the status of the submission (complete/incomplete), the updates required after we perform the checks.
  • For Gold Certified, an additional interval of 2 weeks is required on top of the timeframe specified for the first 2 levels.

Is there a cost for a package to go through the certification process?

  • No, this process is free of charge.

Does the Certification expire?

  • No, there is no expiration date for the Marketplace Security Certification. However, the publisher needs to maintain the Certification badge. Please see more details here.

What is Source Code Protection?

  • The Source Code Protection adds a layer of protection for your source code and makes it harder to reverse-engineer. This includes obfuscation of your source code files.

    • It currently applies only to Custom Activities published by companies that offer Official Support.
    • This step needs to be requested by the Marketplace Partner who published the listing.

This process can be applied to the listing during the curation process, no extra time is necessary. Read more details here.

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