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Marketplace User Guide
Last updated Apr 16, 2024

Introduction to UiPath Marketplace

What is UiPath Marketplace?

  • UiPath Marketplace is a one-stop shop for enterprise-grade RPA content published by RPA experts and practitioners from across the globe. Marketplace offers 1500+ reusable RPA listings that extend and complement the UiPath Platform across industries, technologies, and use cases.

What is Marketplace monetization?

  • Marketplace monetization is UiPath’s initiative aimed to help Marketplace Partners unlock new revenue opportunities and expand their reach through UiPath Marketplace and to enable Marketplace Customers with more high-quality, supported RPA content for their automations.

What is the value of Marketplace for different roles?

  • For you as a Marketplace Customer

    • offers diverse RPA content that spans multiple industries, technologies, and use cases.
    • makes it easy to build automations that solve business challenges across your organization.
    • provides you with a selection of Professional Services from top UiPath Partners.
  • For you as a Marketplace Partner

    • provides the necessary resources for you to deliver high-quality, enterprise-grade content.​
    • enables you to reach your target audience faster.
  • For you as a Marketplace Vendor

    • serves as a procurement- and operations-free revenue stream for yourself and your business (Payments, licensing and invoicing are handled by UiPath. Also, UiPath serves as a Merchant of Record).
    • offers you global delivery by reaching markets where you are not physically present.
    • allows you to address customers' individual requests thanks to our built-in quote engine.

How is my data processed?

  • Refer to the Privacy Policy for details on how we manage your personal data.
  • To check out the Cookies Settings and set up your preferences, access this link.

What type of notifications will I receive from Marketplace?

You will be kept up to date about new features through email notifications. Except for important system updates, the notifications are optional.

The notifications can be categorized as:

  • Marketing notifications: we will keep you informed about the important updates that are occurring on the platform.
  • Notifications regarding your activity on the platform and content you submit/download/purchase: using these notifications, we inform you about specific updates that you need to make or be aware of.

What are Marketplace T&C?

Please make sure to review Marketplace Agreement and Marketplace Partner Agreement before using or submitting Marketplace content.

Where can I share my feedback regarding Marketplace?

How can I report bugs or other issues with Marketplace?

Please use the Contact Us form to report bugs or issues with Marketplace.

Where can I find Marketplace Release Notes?

All the details for our releases are included in the Marketplace Documentation Page.

What are the UiPath Marketplace Netiquette?

UiPath Marketplace is based on the UiPath core values and the following netiquette guidelines:

  • Be accepting, constructive, and respectful.

    This applies to all the platform content as well as opinions expressed by others.

  • Address comments in a civil way.

    If you have a complaint, address it in a private and civil way.

  • Stay on topic.

    Keep content relevant to the platform’s purpose.

  • Use proper language and be precise.

    Correct spelling and proper grammar usage create your image. Before clicking Submit, read again the content. Try avoiding slang and all caps words.

  • Plagiarisms, cross-posting, obscenities, personal attacks, hijacking threads are not accepted.

    If you are sharing content that is not owned/created by you, always add the source. Links, quotes, and references are accepted but copying and pasting content without citing the source is not.

    Note: When leaving a comment or a review on a Marketplace listing, please make sure to check the Rules for Reviews and Comments section of the Marketplace Agreement.

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