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Last updated Apr 16, 2024

Internal Complaint System

Scope of the Internal Complaint System

As per the European Regulation (P2B or Platform-to-Business) that promotes fairness and transparency for EU business users of online intermediation services, also known as platforms, providers of online intermediation services shall provide an internal system for handling the complaints of business users.

If you are a business user established or resident in the EU or the UK, it is highly likely that P2B is relevant to you.

How It Works

UiPath Marketplace offers a dedicated channel for customer support to respond to any business customer concerns specific to the platform. If you haven't tried out yet the UiPath Marketplace Support services, take a moment to do so. You may request troubleshooting or address your concerns via our contact form.

Our support team will get back to you within14 days from the date you provide the complete info as requested by the UiPath Marketplace team.

Unsolved Complaint

If you have a complaint that you could not resolve through customer support and you would like to consider requesting mediation, follow the below steps.

Mediation Process

Mediation is a process where a trained neutral mediator actively assists people or organizations to work toward a dispute resolution. Before proceeding, the business user should have attempted to resolve the concern through UiPath Marketplace standard support channels.

What Criteria Does My Vendor Account Have to Meet?

To be eligible for consideration, you must have:

  • your business registered in a European Union (EU) member state or the United Kingdom (UK).
  • current or past active listings in UiPath Marketplace.
  • appealed through our standard complaint handling process.

Who Is Uipath Marketplace’s Appointed Mediator?

UiPath Marketplace has identified CEDR’s P2B Mediation Panel to provide independent and impartial mediation services for its P2B disputes across the UK and Europe.

How Much Does Mediation Cost?

The mediation process entails payment of a proportion of mediation fees as dictated by the process of the identified mediation institution. More details on Part 3 of the mediation terms and conditions.

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