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Marketplace User Guide
Last updated Apr 16, 2024

Connect UiPath 20.2 Redesign

Note: The name of the platform was changed from Connect to Marketplace. This change was made on 11 December 2020. All the notes released before this date will display the old platform name.

We are very happy to share with you all the exciting features and updates we integrated into the new UiPath Connect revamped version.

The idea of UiPath Connect sparked when we’ve noticed that the community gathered around the UiPath Forum grew and so did the need for a place to accommodate their knowledge, innovative creations, and achievements. This is how UiPath Connect came to be the meeting spot for the biggest RPA community.

Now we took UiPath Connect to a whole new level, offering you the possibility to quickly access all the tools needed to learn the ropes of automation and innovate within this industry within one single platform.

Key Benefits

Easy Access

New, innovative functionalities and options are instantly accessible to you from within your Connect account. Now you can access the Marketplace, the Forum, the Certification Platform, the Cloud Platform, and all the Connect features using one set of login credentials.

New Startup Experience

Each module available on the platform has a Get Started page that provides easy to follow details about all the module's available options.

Accessible Integration or Featured Bundles

You will now find component packs uniquely built for some of the most popular technology solutions.

New Messaging Feature

Use this feature to communicate directly with other members whom you are following or reach out to users directly from their profile.

New Leaderboard

This support system is created to increase your growth and celebrate your achievements by displaying the points you won, the last gained Trophy , and your cool Ranks.

Enhanced Company Profile Creation Procedure

To apply for a Company profile creation you can simply access the Request Company Creation option and complete the form details.

Improved Component Upload Form

We have listened to your feedback and adapted the Component Upload form by making the steps easier to follow and less overwhelming.


There are three modules available on the platform: Community, Academy, and Marketplace. Through them, automation enthusiasts and experts alike can be part of the biggest self-sustained RPA community, learn the ropes of automation and innovate within this industry.


Meet top RPA professionals in the Community, and make valuable connections that’ll help you get to your next step.

Find out more about our Meetups and Events, explore the Blog, join the Forum and get involved in the discussions or ask questions and get support in real-time.

This is the place to connect to your peers.


The Academy is the module dedicated to RPA knowledge seekers. Here you can access open, online, free of charge and self-led RPA academy courses, RPA certification opportunities, and educational programs for educators and students.

This inclusive experience is designed considering all learning levels, from beginners to RPA professionals.


Find the atomic particle of the RPA energy by accessing this collaborative marketplace to innovate or discover a full suite of reusable automation components, APIs and services. No matter if it’s for building a portfolio of reusable automation components, or simply finding an automation solution, the Marketplace is a continuous source of inspiration.

Note: To find out how to efficiently use the whole range of options that UiPath Connect includes, access our FAQ page.

Accessing It

Piqued your interest? To start using UiPath Connect right away, go to Sign up for an account if you are not yet a Connect user. If you are, just log in with your existing credentials, and enjoy the ride!

We value feedback, so don't be shy. Share your thoughts, and together, we can make this platform even better.

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