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Marketplace User Guide
Last updated Apr 16, 2024


This is the final step in your Business Solution submission process.

1. Listing Price

Input the price for your listing. There are no restrictions imposed. Please consider that the price includes access to the automation package, releasing updates & new versions and support for the package throughout the subscription period.

Important: Currently, the platform supports USD only.

The pricing you set is for a 12 months subscription with autorenewal and includes Service Support for 12 months. Taxes are not included and are calculated at checkout taking into account your and the customer’s country or state.

To set the correct price, you should take into account the value your solution delivers. The price should answer the following questions:

  • how many development hours does my solution save?
  • how many work hours does the company save with this solution?
  • is it something specific that I, the vendor, know how to solve, and finding the same solution needs time investment that I’m saving for the customer?

Price can be edited at any time after the publishing of the listing. Currently, there is no limit on editing the price. For paying customers the new price will be used at the start of a new billing cycle. Please refer to this section for more information.

2. Quote Request

You can allow customers to request a quote for your listing by checking Enable quote request.

Also, choose to display or hide the price of a solution. As solutions are complex artifacts that could need certain services or other types of add-ons to respond to customer demands. Therefore, the final offering is done via a quote that will include all the line items necessary.

Read more about the quote engine, its benefits and how it works in this article.

3. Subscription

The subscription period is fixed to a duration of 12 months with autorenewal.

4. Service Support

The support agreement is fixed to a duration of 12 months.

5. Taxes

The taxes refer to the ones you have added in the Taxes section in your Publisher Account menu. To learn more about Taxes, please read this article.

After you submit your listing, you will see the Thank You page informing of the next steps your submission will undergo prior to it being published on the Marketplace.

Note: Before being published on the Marketplace, the business solutions need to undergo a verification process. For a detailed description of the steps, please visit this article.
  • 1. Listing Price
  • 2. Quote Request
  • 3. Subscription
  • 4. Service Support
  • 5. Taxes

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