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Last updated Jun 10, 2024

Standards for Quality Content

All listings on the Marketplace should meet the following general guidelines:

General Guidelines



High Reusability

When thinking about creating content, keep in mind that it should be highly reusable in the sense that it can be used in multiple processes and can be easily adapted to different cases, by a large number of users.

User Friendliness

Another important aspect is the complexity of the Content configuration. Users are not always technical people and appreciate more an easy to configure tool. This should also reflect in the way the Description of the listing is written.

Extend/Enhance/Improve UiPath products

Integrations between UiPath and other products make great Content as they can improve the usage of a large number of tools and products.


It is recommended that Content brings something new or a fresh approach.

Difficulty to Replicate

The effort required to develop the automation should be reasonably high so that it cannot be replicated easily.


The listing should cover a large part of all the major functionalities to automate requirements for the chosen Application or Platform.


It is important not to duplicate functionalities already available in the official/core/UiPath Team activities in UiPath Studio or already present on the Marketplace unless the Content has an extended functionality on top of the existing ones.


For a listing to be published on UiPath Marketplace, you must include in the listing's Description all details about the UiPath products that are used in the automation or that are compatible with your automation, and the role that they play.

Partners may not include the names of third parties or third parties' apps or other third party products in the text of their listing or product description on the UiPath Marketplace without express authorization from the third party.

Standards for Custom Activities

  • Custom Activities need to be built using the Activity Creator.
  • All activities need to have at least one output.

All checks below need to be addressed in the Nuget package metadata before submitting it on the Marketplace:

  • ID/ Package name convention:

    • If the listing is submitted on behalf of a Company: CompanyName. {Package Name} .
    • If the activities are submitted by an individual: {Package Name}.Activities .
  • UiPath tag name should not be present in the ID/ dlls.
  • The package version is specified.
  • Name of the author(s) is present.
  • The description of the activity is filled in.
  • Relevant tags are added.
  • License URL and License acceptance checkbox are specified based on the license type selected.
  • The owner of the package is mentioned. Company name needs to be added in case of publishing on behalf of the Company.
  • The Icon is needed in case of publishing on behalf of the Company even if the field is marked as Optional.

    The icon URL can be used in case of publishing by individual users only if the images uploaded are free for public use and not under copyright infringement. This can be checked in the Terms and Conditions of the site where the image is downloaded from.

  • Language is specified, if the content is localized even if the field is marked as Optional.

Standards for Snippets, Workflow Templates, and Solutions

All checks below need to be addressed before submitting the listing on the Marketplace:

  • Arguments need to respect the in_argument /out_argument convention.
  • Activities have unique names within a workflow to make them easier to debug.
  • Variable naming is consistent throughout the project.
  • Avoid hard-coded elements.
  • Check for corner cases​ that might happen during execution.
  • Check for performance​ bottlenecks.
  • Check for optimization opportunities​.
  • Implement exception handling so that users receive meaningful messages when errors occur.
  • When necessary, use the Retry Scope activity instead of implementing the same mechanism.
  • Use Sequence for mostly linear workflows​ and flowcharts in case of many decisions​. Keep your solution modular so that users can easily reuse and customize it.
  • Use annotations to add more detailed explanations about parts of workflows.
  • The listing's compatibilities are clearly listed.
  • The listing is parameterized by having at least one input or output argument.
  • The listing has clear use cases and is reusable​.
  • Passwords or sensitive information should not be exposed or recorded by the workflow.

For Frameworks and Solutions use configuration files where needed​.

Data Scraping

Important: From a Legal perspective, many websites’ policies clearly state that they do not allow the extraction of content from their websites, including the use of "bots". This is why we recommend against using data scraping to perform any such actions without consulting the Terms and Conditions of the specific website where the scraping is intended to take place.

As an alternative to data scraping, we suggest using APIs if possible.

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