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Marketplace User Guide
Last updated Apr 16, 2024

Request / Accept a Quote

Note: Now, UiPath Marketplace has its own quote engine that enables you as a Marketplace Customer to do the following:
  • request multiple SKUs and combinations between them from a vendor
  • request services (e.g. implementation, customization, etc.) from a vendor
  • accept a quote, pay for the order directly on the Marketplace

Requesting a Quote

You can request a Quote for the following UiPath Marketplace listings:

When you find the listing you would like to purchase, please do the following:

  1. Click Request a Quote

    The form will open in the pop-up window.

  2. First Name and Last Name - will be prefilled with your Marketplace profile details and greyed out
  3. Company - will be prefilled with the Company name from your Marketplace profile’s affiliation and greyed out
  4. Your Email - will be prefilled with your Marketplace profile details and greyed out
  5. Message Subject - will say Request a quote for [Listing name] and greyed out
  6. Your Message - please specify in this field what items and in what quantity you want to receive from the vendor.

    Note: Max. characters allowed = 5000
  7. Click Submit.

What items can be added to a Quote request

Your Message field is a free text field so there are no requirements on what you need to specify there. However, to make sure that the vendor creates an accurate quote based on your request, we suggest that you indicate there:

  • your use case
  • your volume (if applicable)
  • any customization (if applicable)
  • any setup/configuration services (if applicable)

    Overall, try to provide as many relevant details as possible.


    You can always send a new quote request for the same listing if you forgot to specify something in the initial request or the required custom configuration has changed. There is no limit on the number of quote requests.

    Also, the vendor will see your email address in the Quote Request. Thus, they can reach out to you directly in case any clarifications for your request are needed.

    Alternatively, you can first discuss the need with the vendor and let them send a quote to you without any prior request following this guide.

How to Check a Quote Status

After you requested a Quote, you can see it by clicking on the Marketplace profile icon (1) and going to the Quote Requests tab (2).

To understand the Quote statuses, please see the details below:

  1. Requested - after you send your Quote request to the vendor.
  2. Issued - after the vendor sends the Quote to you. You need to review it and accept it to proceed.
  3. Accepted - after you accept the Quote and the purchase happens.
  4. Expired - when the time allocated for accepting the Quote has lapsed.

How to Accept Quote

After a vendor sends a Quote to you, you will see it in the Quote Requests tab (under your profile icon) with the status Issued (1).

Note: Each Quote has 30 days to be accepted. Otherwise, it expires. Please pay attention to the Expiration date (2).

To review the Quote, please go to the More menu and click on View quote details.

You will see Offer (1) with all the items in the Description. You can also review the Vendor (2), your initial Request Details,payment due date and documents, if case. The documents attached can be reviewed by clicking on the files. If the quote has documents attached, you will first be prompted to accept the quote terms and only then you will be able to pay the quote (3). If everything is fine, click on Accept and Pay Now (4).

You will see your Order Summary in the Checkout. To pay, click Next.

After you successfully paid the quote, it has been converted into a Subscription. To see the details, press Go to Subscription.

Note: If you buy a Business Solution / Professional Services offering from a vendor whose entity and bank account are registered in one of the following countries, you can also choose Bank Transfer as a payment method.

When paying via Bank Transfer, you get the payment details needed for the payment. In this case, an invoice is generated with the payment details. You have 30 days to pay.

Note: If you pay by Bank Transfer, your subscription will start after the money is received by Stripe, our payment processor.

Subscription Details

To go to your Paid Subscriptions, click on your Profile icon (1) > Paid Subscriptions (2) > More menu (3)

Then, press View Subscription Details.

You will see the details of your Subscription (1). You can also go to the Vendor (2) and Payments (3) tabs.

Note: By default, each subscription is set to Auto Renewal. You can turn it off if you want to cancel the automatic renewal (4). Professional Services can be offered both for a fixed price as a one time purchase and on a recurring yearly basis.

To see the Fulfillment message from the vendor to understand better how the vendor will ship the Business Solution and associated services (if any), please click the More menu in the Subscription Details. Also, you see the fulfillment message on the Thank you page.

Note: If you had one-time products added to the quote (e.g. Professional Services), they won't be displayed in the table. They are paid only at the initial purchase, as they don't generate a subscription. However, these items are listed on the invoice.
Note: If the Business Solution you need is consumption-based, you can request the next package without waiting for the current subscription to end. You can have multiple subscriptions active for the same service.

How to Map a Quote With the Marketplace Account

The vendor can initiate a quote without receiving a quote request from you first. This mainly happens when you already had a discussion regarding their offering and you were interested in purchasing it.

Once the vendor creates and submits a quote, you get an email notifying you. The email contains a link that will allow you to map the quote.

After you click on the link, this is the page you will see.

To view the quote details, you need to associate the quote with your Marketplace organization. Make sure the organization you are signed in to is the right one before associating it. If not, log out and select the appropriate one. Once done, you will be redirected to the Quote details page. Also, the quote details will be available in the Quote Requests section.

If you exit this page by mistake, you may re-open it from the same email.

Note: If you don't have a Marketplace account, you will be redirected to sign up first and then proceed to mapping, reviewing and accepting the quote.

To accept the quote, please refer to this documentation section.

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