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Last updated Apr 16, 2024


A connector is an inbound automation solution that resides outside of the UiPath product platform. Using HTTP requests, a connector enables you to invoke or retrieve information about UiPath resources from within your technology platform (e.g. start a job, add a Queue item, get environment status, etc.).

Why Build a Connector?

Connectors give you the flexibility to stay connected to your UiPath resources form outside of the UiPath products. So, if you want to invoke or retrieve information about a UiPath Orchestrator resource from within your application (e.g. start a job, add a Queue item, etc.), then a connector is the ideal integration to build.

For example, let's say your application is an issue management system and you want a robot to run a specific business process after a user or system event (e.g., a new ticket is created). By integrating with the Orchestrator API via a connector, you have the ability to send requests that instruct a robot to run the business process that typically follows the event (e.g., escalate ticket based on its category, content, etc.).

Get Started

The first step in building your connector is to get familiar with the Orchestrator API by reviewing the following resources:

  1. Orchestrator API Docs
  2. Orchestrator API Swagger Doc
  3. Orchestrator API Postman Collection

If you're interested in jumping into using the Orchestrator API and for hands-on learning, start with the Orchestrator API Postman Collection. This collection handles the authentication/token refreshing and provides step-by-step information for the most common processes.

After familiarizing yourself with the Orchestrator API, the next step is to start building. To help you start, review the following tutorials and examples.


The tutorials are intended to provide further details about the common operations you can integrate into your connector. We recommend reviewing these pages before reviewing the examples so that you have more contextual information.


The following are links to connector application mockups. These mockups include an example user interface and the corresponding Orchestrator API requests for each input field.

The purpose of these examples is to further conceptualize the topics discussed in the Tutorials section.




Start a Job

  • Why Build a Connector?
  • Get Started
  • Tutorials
  • Examples

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