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Marketplace User Guide
Last updated Apr 16, 2024

April 2020

Note: The name of the platform was changed from Connect to Marketplace. This change was made on 11 December 2020. All the notes released before this date will display the old platform name.

28 April 2020

What's New

The Delete Account option is now available by accessing My Profile -> Edit profile. Once clicked the following updates are implemented:

  • All the profile data is deleted including the user's Avatar Image.
  • Details including the first and last name and email address are removed from the Connect Auth0 Application.
  • Submitted Components are deleted only if they don't have collaborators added and are not linked to a company profile.
  • The email notifications subscription is removed.
  • For users assigned as Company Admins, a pop-up message is displayed, redirecting them towards the Transfer Ownership page. The account deletion process is completed only after a new Company Admin is assigned.
  • The deleted account is removed from the Leaderboard and the ranking is updated.
  • Company affiliated users are removed from the company's People list.
  • The user's Conversation history is removed. The username of the deleted user is replaced with “Deleted Account” in other user's Conversation history.

The Search field as well as the filtering categories and values are now available in All Components section.


When running a search in All components section, the total number of returned results, as well as the number of the current page out of the total number of pages, is displayed.

The filters and sorting applied on an array of returned results are maintained if the key term(s) from the previous search is/are replaced with new ones and a new search is triggered.

The Reset Filters button is resetting only the applied filters, without affecting the search results.

The back button (←) of the browser redirects the user to the prior page view (not prior URL) in order to maintain the pages with multiple filters on the results of a search or sorting and avoid re filtering and sorting the search again.

Users are able to apply multiple filter values in order to narrow down the list of components.

The filters applied are marked as checked so that users can correctly relate the components displayed in the list with the applied filters.

The Terms of Use Updated pop-up is removed.

Users registered under the Connect Japanese version are redirected to the localized Meetups&Events page.

A pop-up message providing details about the company affiliation is displayed when the user selects I am currently employed by a company -> enters the Company name -> clicks Join Company.

Users do not need to have the I agree to the terms and conditions, privacy policy checked in order to be able to click on the Join Company button.

The hyperlink for the Certification is updated in the Academy -> Gett Started -> Get your Advanced RPA Certification page and in the Academy -> Certification section.

The text describing the Integration Bundle is updated.

The hyperlink for the Marketplace is updated.

The following fields from the Lead components form are pre-filled in based on the user profile:

  • Company
  • Location
  • Email
  • Message Subject:

Links for the Japanse localized versions of the following documents are available in the localized FAQ section of Connect:

  • Publishing Guidelines
  • Custom Activities and Snippets installation guides

The Remote Working Pack is now available in the platform's home page.

Fixed Bugs

  • Several badges have been reported as missing from the user accounts.
  • When opening other users profiles the Rank, XP, and Leaderboard position labels were incorrect.
  • In the component bundles from the Marketplace, the pagination was incorrectly working so the users were able to see only components displayed on the first page.
  • Certain information from the Japanese user card was not localized.
  • The Reported bugs were not reflected in the Company Reports.
  • The hyperlink from the What are the UiPath Connect Community Netiquette and UiPath Values? section of the FAQ was not working.
  • The Please Wait dialog box displayed when updating the Site Preferences was not localized.

14 April 2020

What's New

Components can now be filtered by type. The filters are available once you access the All Components Page.

Marketplace > Components: if you use the Search option to find a component, on the search results page, under the Exit Search button, the Filter button is now displayed. Click it to open the search results in the All Components page.

The Sign-up experience is improved and, as soon as you verified your email address, a new page is displayed, allowing you to fill in the mandatory profile details. This page cannot be bypassed in order to avoid leaving mandatory fields blank.


The option to Sign up with a different email is now available in the Email verification pending pop up message displayed as soon as you submit the email registration form.

The following component bundles are enhanced with new components: Healthcare bundle, Integrations bundle for Servicenow, and Integrations bundle for Microsoft.

Fixed Bugs

  • My profile section: when clicking Edit Profile certain fields from the profile form were not available for several user accounts.

7 April 2020

Fixed Bugs

  • The option to resend the email for Sign up confirmation was not working.
  • 28 April 2020
  • What's New
  • Improvements
  • Fixed Bugs
  • 14 April 2020
  • What's New
  • Improvements
  • Fixed Bugs
  • 7 April 2020
  • Fixed Bugs

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