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Marketplace User Guide
Last updated Apr 16, 2024

Content & Security

1. What content is offered for purchase?

  • Custom Activities, Business Solutions and Professional Services.

2. What is a Custom Activity?

  • This is a .NET library that you can install and drag and drop into your workflow in UiPath Studio.

3. What is a Business Solution?

  • This is a modern enterprise application built on the UiPath Platform with code, automations, data, tests, APIs, versioning and configuration.​ This type of content is sold on the Marketplace and shipped by the vendor to the customer after the transaction is successful.

4. What is offered under Professional Services?

  • Professional Services cover development, consultancy, support and training services from selected UiPath Business Partners.

5. How are paid listings reviewed?

  • For Custom Activities They undergo a series of content, security and functionality checks as part of the Marketplace Security Certification process. All paid listings have the highest level of Security Certification - Gold Badge. Please refer to this article for more details.
  • For Business Solutions Each Business Solution published at UiPath Marketplace has successfully passed the Business Solutions Verification process which consists of documents review (Technical Specification Document, Installation and Configuration Document), technical demo meeting with the Marketplace team, security tests and optionally third-party references.

6. Can I trust third-party vendors?

  • Each Custom Activity that is submitted on UiPath Marketplace undergoes a series of security checks that altogether comprise Marketplace Security Certification.
  • Each Business Activity that is submitted on UiPath Marketplace undergoes Business Solutions Verification process.
  • Each Professional Services listing that is submitted on UiPath Marketplace needs to be offered by a UiPath Service Network partner and/or at least a Silver Business Partner.

    Note: If you prefer using content from certain vendor types, make use of the Provider filtering on the left-side menu.

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