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Marketplace User Guide
Last updated Apr 16, 2024

Monetize Business Solutions

1. What Is a Business Solution?

A solution can be defined as a puzzle of software artifacts that will solve a specific problem. A solution is not tied to a single product ecosystem, it can touch multiple products, it can connect for incoming or outgoing data transfers to multiple products and it needs to exchange data between various processes. It can be relevant for a certain industry vertical (i.e., healthcare).

Business Solutions provide much more value to customers and are more likely to be bought considering the price/value ratio. They work without too much customization/configuration so the time invested before actually using it is reduced, the time to value being dramatically shortened for customers.

By enabling monetization for business solutions, vendors can also sell other connected services such as: setup, customization or premium support. All these services in relation to an asset will generate more revenue for the vendors.

Publishing Business Solutions on the Marketplace opens up the possibility of using our quote engine, which enables you as a vendor to:

  • sell multiple SKUs and combinations between them;
  • convert quotes to orders and accept payment on the Marketplace;
  • track and manage all quote requests in one section on the Marketplace;
  • provide custom pricing & discounts based on a quote request;
  • sell and/or include services cost (e.g. implementation, customization, etc.) in the quote.

2. Billing Scenarios

Business Solutions generate by default auto-renewable yearly subscriptions with a fixed price. Leveraging the quotes feature though, these can be extended to pre-consumption, post-consumption, or even user-based billing.

3. Technical Enforcement and IP Protection

Business Solutions fulfillment process takes place outside of the Marketplace. This means that vendors will rely on their own licensing mechanism to control the usage of the artifacts.

Vendors’ IP Rights for the products sold on the Marketplace are protected by their relevant Product Terms specified in their license agreement and by UiPath Marketplace Agreements.

4. Business Solution Submission

Paid business solutions do not require the submission of a package or source code. You will create a listing where the delivery/order fulfillment of your solution will happen outside of the Marketplace.

The fulfillment message contains the information the customer will receive once the transaction is successful.

Note: Submitting Business Solutions is available only to UiPath Marketplace Vendors. Please create a vendor profile prior to submitting a Business Solution. To create a vendor account, follow this guide.
  1. Access UiPath Marketplace.
  2. Click Create Listing. The Create listing option is available in the drop-down list of the Publisher Account tab.

The Create Listing Form consists of several sections. Let’s go through these together to make the submission process easy and quick for you.

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