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Marketplace User Guide
Last updated Apr 16, 2024

Register a User Profile

To publish and/or consume content from the Marketplace, you first need to register your User Profile by following the below steps:

  1. Access the Marketplace page.
  2. Click the Login/ Sign Up button in the top right.

  3. The login form is displayed. Choose the preferred sign up method.

    • Continue with Google/Microsoft/LinkedIn/SSO account; choose one of these four options to use existing information from your Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, or SSO account to sign into UiPath Marketplace.
    • Click Sign up; choose this option to use your email address.

The following steps differ, depending on the sign-up method selected:

Continue With Google/Microsoft/LinkedIn/SSO Account

  1. Select the preferred platform.
  2. Choose the account you want to use.

The sign-up process is completed and you are prompted to the Marketplace home page.

Sign up With Email

  1. Click Sign up.

    Note: The Forgot password option does not work at this stage as your account is not yet configured.
  2. Click Sign up with Email.

    Note: You can still choose to Sign Up with Google/Microsoft account and follow the steps from the Continue with Google/Microsoft account section mentioned above.

  3. After adding your email and password, you will receive a code via the same email address that you provided. Enter your verification code to continue this step.


    Use your personal email address to create a Community Contributor account and a business email address if you want to publish content from a Company Profile.

    To publish content from a Company Profile you need to either create a company profile or to be added to an existent one by the Company Admin.

  4. The Business/Organization name you declare here will be the same as the cloud organization, in case you opt to create a Marketplace Business Profile after completing the user profile step.

    You can tick the box before clicking on Next if you would like to stay informed about the latest updates regarding UiPath products.

  5. Your Cloud Organization name is created through this step.

  6. Once the setup is finished, you will be redirected to your cloud space homepage.

  7. After the above steps are complete, to navigate to the Marketplace, you can simply click on the MAarketplace option from the More menu in the left navigation bar.

  • Continue With Google/Microsoft/LinkedIn/SSO Account
  • Sign up With Email

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