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Marketplace User Guide
Last updated Apr 16, 2024

October 2021

What's New

Monetization is now available. With this feature, vendors can monetize their listings with the help of subscriptions listed as free or paid. To become a vendor, users need to pass through a sequence of steps, and they're ready to publish.

  • My Account Menu has been redesigned for better usability. The new menu structure consists of 4 sections:

    • Subscriptions
    • Publisher Account
    • Profile menu
    • Admin console
  • Admins can now see subscription details, in detailed view, for any of the subscriptions created in Marketplace.
  • Admins are now able to regenerate license files.
  • Admins are notified when vendors have finished Stripe onboarding so that they can approve the marketplace profile.
  • Vendor Capabilities are now improved, with new pages to manage customers, orders, and profiles.
  • Vendors can now see a listing with all unique customers.
  • Buyer Capabilities are now available with new pages for checkout and order previews, managing subscriptions, and buyer profile page.
  • Buyers are now able to view the list of subscriptions, change the auto-renew setting.
  • Marketplace visitors can see vendor profile details so that they can make an informed decision before downloading a specific listing.
  • Users can now pay and use components.
  • Users with expired trials no longer have access to the component so that they won't use the same component again in trial mode.
  • Users will now receive notifications on different events from the Marketplace platform.
  • Trials for custom activities are now available for users before buying.
  • Customers will now receive messages related to transaction confirmations and failed orders during checkouts.
  • On-Premise and Cloud licensing is now supported.
  • What's New

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