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Marketplace User Guide
Last updated Apr 16, 2024

March 2022

1 March 2022


  • Business Solutions section is now available in the top navigation menu along with the Products and Collections options.
  • Create listing form got some updates on different areas such as:

    • Listing Details
    • Description
    • Files & Terms
    • Pricing
    • Thank you
  • The post-buy thank you page now displays the subscription’s details and the vendor’s particular instructions provided in the create listing form, as well as a contact channel, email, or website from the support section so that buyers can prepare for the deployment process.
  • Business Solutions listings can now have a specific Business badge assigned to distinguish them from the other certification levels.
  • All current published listings specifically targeting an application are now having a tag with the app name. For listings that aren't mapped with an app name, the Application value is set to N/A and the Application section is hidden.
  • The filtering section has been enhanced with a pre-defined list of app names that can be used for filtering the listings
  • For Business Solutions, on the listing details page, the Certification section changed its name to Verification and the badge name to Business Solution Verified.
  • Improvements on Business Solution listing details page.
  • Improvements to the license verification error. The error message has changed and a link to the documentation is now available.
  • Improvements on the UiPath Marketplace home page. Sign in, account and menu are changed for easier use.

Fixed Bugs

  • The toggle for Add vendor details wasn't working correctly when toggled.
  • 1 March 2022
  • Improvements
  • Fixed Bugs

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