Process Mining
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Process Mining
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Last updated 9. Juli 2024

Mai 2024

28. Mai 2024



You can now edit and remove dashboards and sections from the selected entry in the left menu. See the illustration below.

Dashboard charts

We enhanced labels and binning in line charts, which improves readability and understandability of the data displayed in the chart.

The time ("at 00:00") is no longer displayed in the labels for line charts, KPI line charts and, the timeframe filter, when all the time values in the chart are exactly "00:00".

Process-specific terminology for process apps

Instead of “Cases” you will now see the name of the case object, for example “Purchase order items”, in Conformance checking, Process filters, Root Cause Analysis, and other relevant places.

If desired, you can edit the name of the primary Cases table in Data Manager to adapt it to your business needs.

16. Mai 2024


App-Vorlagen für Ereignisprotokolle und benutzerdefinierte Prozesse

Additional fields in your input tables will now be added automatically to your Process Mining app. No SQL changes are needed for this anymore.


Neue Apps, die mit dem neuesten Ereignisprotokoll oder der neuesten App-Vorlage für benutzerdefinierten Prozess erstellt wurden, zeigen dieses Verhalten.

  • 28. Mai 2024
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  • 16. Mai 2024
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