Process Mining
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Process Mining
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Last updated 9. Juli 2024

Juni 2024

25. Juni 2024


Laden von Daten

The experience to upload data using CData Sync or Theobald Xtract Universal has been improved.

All the details and documentation you need to configure the extractor are now provided in the Upload data using CData or Upload data using Theobald step in the app creation process.

The Use CData extractor option is now the default option for app templates that use a source system that is supported by CData. For app templates that use an SAP source system, the Use Theobald extractor option is the default option for loading data.


The new Process cropping filter allows business users to focus on, or zoom in on, a specific part of the process for more detailed analysis.

Refer to Process filters for more information.


If you want to use the Process cropping filter for an existing process app, you must first optimize the process app. Refer to Optimizing an app for more information.


Data model editor

The Preview panel is now displayed in the Data model editor.


  • You can now rearrange the layout of the dashboard by dragging and dropping charts.

  • The version number of the process app is now displayed in the header bar.

  • The label Dev mode is now displayed in the header bar, to indicate that the process app is currently open for development.


If the data consists of more than five slices for the selected category, a sixth slice is displayed representing the combined total of the remaining categories that are not displayed individually. The sixth slice now respects the metric used in the chart and is no longer simply computed as an average of the remaining values. This provides a more accurate and meaningful representation of the data.

Data Manager

You can now view references for fields and metrics. When you hover over the Delete icon for a field, a popup is displayed indicating which processes and/or metrics use the field. When you hover over the Delete icon for a metric, a popup is displayed indicating which dashboards and charts use the metric.

Veröffentlichte Prozess-Apps

The version number of the process app is now displayed in the header bar.


The timeframe filter now only shows the fields of type datetime that are set to visible (Show field in app) in Data manager.


Metric calculations

We fixed an issue with calculating chart metrics which use multiple tables. For example, a metric like Sum of Case_amount now counts each Case_amount only once, regardless of the group by chosen. Before, if that metric was used on a chart grouped by an event field like Activity, then each Case_amount might be counted multiple times.

With this fix, the outcome of existing metrics might change.

11. Juni 2024


App-Vorlage für Purchase-to-Pay und App-Vorlage für Order-to-Cash

Additional fields in your input tables will now be added automatically to your Process Mining app. No SQL changes are needed for this anymore.


Neue Apps, die mit der neuesten generischen Purchase-to-Pay- oder Order-to-Cash-App-Vorlage erstellt wurden, zeigen dieses Verhalten.


You can now add context metrics when creating or editing metrics. Context metrics can be used to provide a better understanding of the main metric displayed on the chart. Context metrics are displayed in the published process app as tooltips on charts.

Refer to Metrics for more information.

Anpassen von Prozess-Apps

Action buttons are now ordered in a more logical way in the Dashboard editor and Data transformations. The most frequently used action is now highlighted as the primary action.


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