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About the FTP Activities Pack


The FTP activity pack has been made open-source. Feel free to collaborate on our Github repositories.

The FTP Activities Pack enables the user to connect to a File Transfer Protocol server and perform all the fundamental actions within it, such as searching, downloading, uploading, deleting, or creating, both for files and directories.

The With FTP Session activity is a container designed to enable the user to connect to an FTP Server, perform multiple actions and then disconnect from the server.

The Open FTP Session and FTP Disconnect activities can also be used to manually connect to a server and consquently disconnect. This enables you to perform as many actions as you wish per connection.

The connection to the server can be stored in an FtpSessionGen variable. This variable is unique for each File Transfer Protocol server you connect to and can be reused to connect to the server as many times as desired.

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About the FTP Activities Pack

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