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1. What is Marketplace monetization?

  • Marketplace monetization is UiPath’s initiative aimed to help Marketplace Partners unlock new revenue opportunities and expand their reach through UiPath Marketplace and to enable Marketplace customers with more high-quality, supported RPA content for their automations.

2. What are the benefits of monetizing on UiPath Marketplace?

  • By monetizing content on UiPath Marketplace, you:
    • unlock new revenue opportunities
    • get exposure to 100K+ Marketplace users (including RPA Developers, UiPath enterprise customers and automation experts)
    • access UiPath expertise and best practices

3. Who is eligible for monetizing on UiPath Marketplace?

  • Monetization is open to all contributor types that have an entity registered in their country of residence to receive payments and issue bills.

4. What are the criteria for a listing to be monetized?

5. What type of content can be monetized?

  • Currently, only Custom Activities can be monetized.


  • The supported runtime for Custom Activities is .NET Framework 4.6.1 and the code language is Visual Basic.
  • The licensing SDK library needs to be embedded in the code prior to publishing. The library is provided by the Marketplace team after the content review is successfully passed. Please read more here.
  • The activities will be visible in the Marketplace Studio feed for all users. The license will not be available for the users that did not purchase it from the Marketplace.

6. Will the current free content remain on UiPath Marketplace? Can I still publish it?

  • Yes, the current free content will not be removed from the Marketplace. You can still submit it. For that, please make sure your content meets our Quality Standards. Follow Publishing Guidelines when submitting your listing.

Paid listings

1. How can I create a listing and submit it for purchase?

2. What happens when I submit a paid listing?

  • The Marketplace Security Certification process starts. After your listing successfully passes the content review, you will be provided by the Marketplace team with the licensing SDK library to embed into your Activities package. When you send us the source code and the package with the licensing SDK embedded, the functionality and security testing will take place. Please read the details about the checks and timeframes here.

3. What is meant by support? What SLAs are required?

4. How can I get the technical enforcement library to use for my paid listing?

  • The licensing SDK library that is used for license validation will be provided to you by the Marketplace team after your submitted listing successfully passes the content review phase.

5. I have questions related to the technical enforcement library. Who should I reach and how?

  • Make sure you checked the documentation article here. If you have further questions, you can request support using our Contact Us form.

6. How to retire the paid listing I created?

  • If you want to stop selling your paid listing on Marketplace, you can retire it. For that, go to Uploads >> open the Paid listings tab >> click on the three-dotted menu >> select Retire.


The listing will still be available for paying customers until their contract expiration. You will need to fulfill your obligations regarding updates and support till the end of your contract with paying customers.

7. How do I upload a new version of the listing that has been previously retired?

  • Go to Uploads >> open the Paid listings tab >> search for those that have status Retired >>click Edit on the one you want to update >>upload a new version and press Submit as New Version.

8. Can UiPath remove my listing from Marketplace?

  • Yes, your listing can be removed or suspended by UiPath in case of:
    • your violation of the agreements applicable between you and UiPath, the payment processor, and your customers
    • your violation of the applicable laws or of 3rd party IP rights
    • the termination of the agreement between you and UiPath or of the Product license
    • complaints about your Product and associated materials, or their quality

Implementation & Operations

1. Do I need to be registered as a business to publish paid listings on Marketplace?

  • Yes, as your business information is required to create the vendor profile and Stripe Express account to be able to make transactions and issue bills.

2. What billing system is used for monetization?

  • Stripe Connect is used as a payment mechanism.

3. I already have a Stripe account. Do I need to create another one?

  • You can create a Marketplace account with the same email address and become a vendor. Please visit this article for more details.

4. Which countries are supported for monetization?

  • Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States.

5. My country is not listed, is there another way so I can become a vendor?

6. Can I use a different name for my business in Cloud than the one I use in Stripe?

  • Yes, you can use a different name (it will be the profile name on Marketplace). However, it’s better to use the same name as in Stripe Account or a simplified (but clearly similar) version of the full name. This way you can better build trust with potential customers.
    • Cloud - you can decide what name to use. Your profile is visible to customers when browsing and buying on Marketplace. To minimize concerns and potential refunds, please make sure to use a name that is very similar to (or completely the same as) your legal entity name.
    • Stripe - you are obliged to use the legal entity name that is registered. This information will be visible to customers on an invoice.
    • Stripe - for statement/credit card descriptor – appears on credit card transaction history. Visible to customers on the credit card.

Vendor profile

1. How do I create a vendor profile?

  • Follow these steps to request a vendor profile creation.

2. How long does the vendor profile approval process take?

  • Between 2 to 4 days in total or 1 to 2 days after Stripe KYC approval.

3. How do I view my subscriptions?

  • Please go to the Publisher Account tab >> Subscriptions.

4. Will I be able to see who purchases my listing? How do I view my customers?

  • Please go to the Publisher Account tab >> Customers.

5. Where do I track my transactions?

  • You can monitor your transactions in the Publisher Account tab >> Billing.


You will be redirected to your Stripe account.

6. How do I view my invoices?

  • To generate an invoice for a certain subscription, please go to the Publisher Account tab >> Subscriptions >> three-dotted menu >> View Subscription Details >> scroll to Payments >> three-dotted menu next to the respectful Invoice ID >> Download Invoice.

Subscription & Pricing

1. What billing plans are supported?

  • In the beginning, Marketplace supports a yearly auto-renewable subscription with a fixed price per organization (unlimited users).

2. Is there a free trial period?

  • Yes, there is a 30-day free trial. Consumers can initiate the trial themselves.

3. Who sets the price for a listing and what is it?

  • You are responsible for setting the listing’s price. There are no restrictions imposed.

4. What should I take into account when setting the subscription price?

  • The price includes access to the automation package, releasing updates & new versions and support for the package throughout the subscription period.

5. Can I change the price on my listing?

  • Yes, you can change the price on your listing by going to the Publisher account tab from the menu >> Subscriptions >> Active subscriptions >> Edit paid listing.


The new price will apply to your new customers immediately and starting with the next billing cycle for the current customers.

6. What payment methods are supported?

  • For now, only credit card payments are supported. We are working on adding bank transfers as well.

7. How do you ensure the consumer doesn’t use the listing if they don’t pay?

  • The license validation happens through the licensing library that is embedded into your Activity package. The consumer can use the package only during a 30-day trial for free and then after signing up for a paid subscription.

8. Is there a refund option?

  • There is a 14-day refund period where buyers can retreat from their contracts; you authorize UiPath to debit the net fee due to you from your account in order to provide a full refund to customers
  • After the 14-day refund period, You are responsible for all taxes, costs and expenses for returns, including the partial or full refund of fees paid by your customers, when such refund requests are based on your breach of the licensing agreement with customers.


You are responsible for taxes, costs & expenses for returns, and chargebacks, including full refunds.

9. I have an issue with a payout. Who should I reach?

  • Please reach out to Stripe. You can find more details on Stripe Support here.


1. How do I get paid?

  • During the onboarding, you need to set up a Stripe Express account and add your banking details there. You will receive the payments to your Stripe account.
    To get a better understanding of the fees that are deducted from each payment, please check the Marketplace Partner Agreement.

2. When can I withdraw the money?

  • The money is available for withdrawal after 2 weeks from the transaction date.

3. What is the Marketplace fee?

  • From the monetization launch until January 1st, 2022, there is no Marketplace fee in place.

4. What currency is used?

  • Currently, the platform supports USD. Other currencies are considered to be implemented with the development of Marketplace.



For a better understanding of the questions covered below, please refer to the Marketplace Partner Agreement you accepted/need to accept when becoming a Vendor.

1. What are monetization Terms & Conditions?

2. Who is responsible for taxes?

  • You are in charge of your taxes so please make sure to consult with local tax authorities or a tax professional to verify that you charge your customers the correct tax rates, and to ensure that you file and remit your taxes correctly.

3. Do I keep the ownership of my product(s) when I submit a listing for publishing on Marketplace?

  • Yes, by publishing on Marketplace, you grant UiPath and our Affiliates the right to host, install, use, reproduce, publicly perform and display via any digital transmission technology, format, process (eg. obfuscate, build), make available to customers (including through multiple tiers of distribution) the products, all for purposes of exercising UiPath’s rights and responsibilities, including without limitation functionality and security testing. However, UiPath does not claim ownership to, including without limitation, any version of your product obfuscated or built by UiPath.

4. How is my IP protected?

  • IP protection is covered in 3 parts:
    • legally through the custom license
    • source code protection
    • technical enforcement

Please read more details here.

5. Can I sell the package I list on UiPath Marketplace using different channels?

  • Yes, UiPath Marketplace does not have exclusivity on your listed content. However, you may not use customer information to attempt to directly sell the same product or service to the customer outside of Marketplace. In addition, if the distribution of your content/product is initiated by the customer via a lead form in Marketplace, the Marketplace Fee will also be due to UiPath.

6. I do not have any business structure put in place. Can I still publish on Marketplace?


To publish paid listings, you need to become a vendor first. See this article for the criteria and steps.

7. Can I use the customers' email for my marketing funnel?

  • No. You may use Customers’ Personal Data only to provide Your Product, prevent fraud, provide support, perform statistical analysis, and as otherwise permitted in Marketplace Partner Agreement. You may not use Customers’ Personal Data for any other purposes unless you have obtained valid legal consent for such purposes.


Contacting Customers using Customer information is limited to transactional purposes only. You may not contact any Customer for promotional purposes unless the Customer has provided affirmative, opt-in consent to receive such communications from you or unless otherwise instructed by UiPath.

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Marketplace Vendors FAQ

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